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Advice needed

I have a son who is an alcoholic, he is staying with me for a few days, he has had several mini strokes, but he has no money at the moment for alcohol i was woken at 3am he had rung an ambulance and was taken to A&E but back home after 2 hours, i cant afford to buy his wine, and the last he had was last night, he did well, with lots of lemonade in it, but i found a second empty bottle which must have drunk in the night,

Has anyone any idea what i can do do to help with his need for alcohol, with depriving him as i know thats not safe, he will say he need is, i have no idea what i can do, i am not buying bottles of wine for him, i am only on a state pension, but even if i could afford it i dont want to, he has a meeting with a counseller next week, but did before and only went once, he was in hospital a few weeks ago, and they wanted him to stay in for a week on tablets, he said no, but now would if they asked him again, he was very lucky to be offered that,

I am really worried, but dont know the best way to help him

Thank you for reading

Any advice fom anyone who has been through this

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My advice would be to go back to A and E in the hospital that offered him a week to detox and tell them he needs medical assistance to stop drinking because of the risks of just stopping. If they say he's ok without the treatment then they maybe right, otherwise they'll have to take him in.


But also be prepared for a bit of resistance. He turned it down once, and beds in hospitals are limited. I imagine they'll probably want some commitments from him. It's up to him then!

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Hi ValerieJ43.

My brother in his 40'sleep is an alcoholic. He also has cardio myopathy and has had a couple of stokes. He has been admitted to hospital dozens of times but every time he leaves he gets scotch on the way home.

I can't believe he is still standing (sometimes). Rehab to him is not needed.......

Whenever I visit he has been drinking and there are always dozens of empty bottle. Sadly, they need to want to change.

So very sad for you.




Carer6 ;thank you, we are having some progress,my son has started seeing a counseller, has seen a nurse and is being assessedhe is off work for 2months because of the mini strokes, so as long as he continues to attend, his GP is hopefully going to fast track him onto medication, he has been advised how to cut down, and has moved back in with me,so i can keep an eye on him, he really is trying now, so fingers x he can do it

Also his GP is going to try to get him back in hospital for a detox

I rang his Dr myself,just before his last appointment and asked him to be brutally honest with my son, instead of telling him he was drink dependent i said tell him hes an alcoholic, because he thinks drink dependent isnt the same,he did and it has now sunk in

I am so sorry about your brother, i hope he will try to help himself

Does he have any incentive?it would help maybe


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