Cirrhosis effect on the heart

Any of you guys been through times of extreme palpitations? Ive read that cirrhosis can have a number of effects on the heart due to the change in flood flows?

I seem to be going through a time where my heart constantly feels fluttery and my pulse seems raised. Apart fropm that feeling quite good at the moment.

Any clues or is it back to the GP for me? :(

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  • Hi Matt, funny you should bring this up. I hsve been getting palpitations now for the last week .I know I suffer anxiety and have done now for a good 5 yrs , but not once have I had this feeling .I have not changed any meds etc . So I too would like to know the answer to this myself 🤔.

  • Im glad Im not the only one Millie! (sorry)

    Ive had this before and i seem to remember it lasted a week or more. This time its definately a lot stronger so im a little concerned.

    Vitamin D seemed to stop it last time, but it hasnt this time.

    Keep your chin up :)

  • Oh that's fine Matt, don't worry, I'm used to having new symptoms lol .well I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency in January this year so I'm taking the vitamin now as prescribed by my doctor. Maybe it will stop ? I don't have to see my hepetologist until 9 May but I do have a Drs appointment next Tuesday so I'll have a word .hope things improve for you 😊.

  • And to you Millie. Let me know how things go :)

  • Thank you. I'll let you know. Look after yourself 😊

  • Hi,

    It would definitely be worth seeing your GP soon if you are experiencing any heart issues. They will be able to examine you and check your vital signs.

    Best wishes,


  • Ok Ok i say in my sulky teenager voice

  • Well done! :)

  • Yes I have a Drs appointment next Tuesday Rebecca. Thank you

  • Great, hope it goes well :)

  • Thank you ! So do I . 😊

  • Hope all goes well for you both. I had autoimmune hepatitis for a short while and I remember I had these symptoms. I really hope it settles down for you both.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Jahida

    Hows things with you going now?


  • Thank you jahida .Hope things are a little better for you now

  • Not great Matt. Just chugging along!

  • Really sorry to hear that Jahida. Hang in there and be positive. You've done great things! Chugging is better than sinking!

  • Lol I agree. At least I'm moving. Just sitting here with a hot water bottle due to severe abdominal and chest pain which I get regularly but today is quite bad. And let's not mention the anxiety and tremors!

    Hope you're doing well too Matt.

    Kind regards

  • Ahh I'm sorry about that Jahida. I hope you feel a little better today. Sending you positive vibes x

  • When. I was first diagnosed I had tachycardia. A fast heart beat . Anything above 100 is tachycardia. Mine was at 129 , and went on for months, ECGs etc showed no problems. Eventually as my health improved my heart beat settled down , will always be a little high but stays under 100 now. They never did sus out why .

  • Maybe that's what it is then. Mine is 109 this morning and the fluttery feeling is here. Is that linked to cirrhosis? I'll have to have a read up. Thanks for info 👍

  • I got taken off the list when I started suffering with palpitations I had a monitor on for 24 hours and it was nothing to worry about they usually say palpitations are not concerning unless you have been prescribed new medication. It's just annoying and a strange feeling, but do mention to your gp or consultant as they will check it out x

  • I've got an appointment in a few weeks, I'll ask them to check me out... again.

  • Lol 😁 think we all used to getting checked out again x

  • It's funny you mentioned this as I do get Sharp chest pain sometimes.

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