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Hello I’m Kaydavblue,

I have autoimmune induced cirrhosis, of late I find that when I eat breakfast (no matter what or how small or large it is). I begin to shake, my vision closes around me, my heart races and I need to lie down and sleep. Is this normal. It does not happen after any other meal.

15 Replies
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Hi, it doesn’t sound normal to me but it also doesn’t sound liver related. Do you have coffee with your breakfast? Coffee is good for your liver but I get the shakes if I have too much. The other thing that makes me shake is low blood sugar, but I wouldn’t expect that after you’ve eaten. I think it would be worth checking with a GP.

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Kaydavblue in reply to Readlots

Thank you for your comments. I don’t drink coffee and eat sugary foods rarely. This is a new set of symptoms for me. However, after reading some of the comments on this site I am wondering if my habit of eating breakfast and then an evening meal is my problem. I don’t snack between meals and I really don’t want to eat outside of those meals.

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AyrshireK in reply to Kaydavblue

Have you had your blood sugars tested? With cirrhosis you can develop diabetes which might be something to do with your symptoms with this state after your breakfast. Are you on steroids to treat your AI condition? Steroids can also give you diabetes.

You need to get this checked out by your GP and/or your specialist.

WIth cirrhosis you should really be eating little and often throughout the day if you have cirrhosis or you are at times running on empty and your body will be consuming your muscles for fuel.

I'll ping you a PM which might be of interest to your or useful - it's also advisable to try and see a liver specialist dietician to advise on appropriate nutrition - if you are under QEB Birmingham they will have this support available since it's a transplant centre and they know all the ins and outs of nutritional needs with cirrhosis.


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Kaydavblue in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you Katie for your advice I will look into it immediately

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thank you for your link, I found it uplifting. I have never been advised by the QE about nutrition

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Morning Yes I have many auto immunes & many health issues, latest diabetes booked on courses starting this week I need to gather as much into as I can. Head to toe my whole is a affected Seeing rheumatologist this afternoon feel long last he will help me. Today is my day liver is a gig issue to me NAFLD has gone to NASH

had biopsy numerous ultra sounds. Eye testa you name it autoimmune thrush. I do gave fibro & UDCTD basically my immune system attacks good bits not bad. I reacted very badly to hydrochloxichorline am allergic to many drugs especially toxic ones, I only take what I have too. Heart pulls nerve relaxers, no add3d salt not many supplements only pure onrs & only 3. Now sugar's. Blow me down eat lots of fruit veg Salads grow my own organically natural sugar's ate bad eat only dark red fruits & berries, broccoli really! I prefer the spears & stalks not the flowers on top

So much more going on. Whooping cough when younger. Radio active iodine for overactive thyroid. It just goes on & on. Won't here me diss our NHS looked after me superbly had to fight many battles to get where I am today. Still think more! MS? Find put more this afternoon 🙏 I do research only NHS website. Know more than drs consultants specialist's was actually asked if I worked in health sector by my gp. No I haven't. Git feelings. I recommend talking therapy private if upu can. Only been 3 times. I am not depressed or anxious do suffer with health anxiety, not surprising is it. Lupus? 4 years ago June I was blue lighted to hospital, resulted 3 times. Intubed induced doma umpteen bags fluids pumped through me. Sepsis sepsis sh9ck & legionella phenomia I was not expected to l8ve. 24 /7 nurse at all times in ITU. Nearly amputated phew

It has no boundaries age sensuality gender. It kills. That's why I have many health issues I am registered disabled now. Not saying you have this research yourself ipu know your holy better than anyone. Raised funds & awareness doing it Al again for Dementia UK for jy dear mum 92 in June living with this evil horrid disease no joy should witness this in their loved ones at all. What have I got to moan about nothing really not in constant pain mentally & physically every day. I look after me know my limits & go with them lost of time lol. Of course I over do it. I have a life to lead I am 69 70 next June that will be 5 years been alive. Positive m8nded helps enormously I do not smoke or d68nk & certainly not obese. I gave paid to ho private who pulled up more re lungs total hysterectomy one of my sisters only 16 months older than me secondary l8ver cancer primary wad ovarian only 45 when she padded 24 years ago. Silent killer! 9 short weeks all she had. I do not have cancer or dementia if zi do I am not afraid of dying or death. I have done my very best for others & myself. I will ho peacefully when my time is up. I laugh lots & enjoy my life tobthe full. That is thanks to my higher being my guardian angel & my stubbornness streak lol

Take good care sweetheart research research research & listen to uour body xx

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Louby1954 in reply to Louby1954

Excuse spellings lol using finger they wanted to amputation no way phew

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Kaydavblue in reply to Louby1954

Oh my goodness, what a history of medical problems. You are to be commended on your positive outlook. I wish you well.

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Louby1954 in reply to Kaydavblue

Thank you. Positive mind set pulls me through x

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Hi, my hubbie has AIH (autoimmune hepatitis), he has been told little and often and a snack before bed to help support the liver through the day and night. As it uses protein up to help it work and fix itself and if it cant get it from your food will start to use muscle up. I think a chat with your gp may be in order as symptoms you describe dont seem to be liver related and must make you feel anxious about eating in the morning. 🤞hope you're sorted soon x

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Kaydavblue in reply to Oldbits

Thank you for your advice. It is reassuring that one is not alone. I hope your husband is coping well with his AIH.

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Oldbits in reply to Kaydavblue

He has good days more often than bad days now. Diagnosed with AIH 6 years now and was very poorly for a year or so. Seems to be stable at the mo but badly damaged liver. Will always be on immune suppressants. Alcohol didnt help much either which started through health anxiety and depression. Not touched a drop for over a year. As you say you're not alone on this group and there is a wealth of info amongst the members. I hope you get to see your gp soon and work out what's going on. X

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Kaydavblue in reply to Oldbits

I’m so glad that he is coping well, I wish him all the best, you also. The carers are often forgotten, they must worry over the problems caused by AIH.

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That is strange. I have never heard of such a thing. Could it possibly be related to your glucose levels?

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Kaydavblue in reply to pushthrough

most probably, I haveGP appointment pending

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