Fried eggs or space ships

Fried eggs or space ships

Good old bit of fun.... so fried eggs....or....,space ships? πŸ˜‚

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  • CHELLE!!!! Right. Sit down. Open your books and I shall begin.

    Stop talking and no you've just come in from break you should have gone to the toilet then.

    Right. We shall be reading an extract from the official Haribo website on the topic of Starmix.

    Chelle if you'd like to start you can read to the class.

    "A great mix of fruit and cola flavour gummy sweets from Haribo all in one bag.

    HARIBO Starmix contains the ever popular favourite shapes such as the lemon flavoured Fried Eggs and raspberry flavoured Heart Throbs. There are also the iconic Cola Bottles and strawberry, lemon and orange flavoured Bears. As well as the playful Rings in raspberry & pineapple, orange & lemon and raspberry & lemon flavours.

    Both kids and grown-ups love HARIBO Starmix for any occasion whether it’s a party, movie night or just for a cheeky treat while shopping. "

    Here endeth the lesson.

    (Mic drop, and strut out of the room)

  • Lol...literally made me snort at my desk! Never seen a fried egg fly though....just saying!

    Nothing like a little debate! Bit like the monster munch, it's not a foot print, it's an actual monster, legs, arms, head; the lot. Blew my other half's mind!! He literally looked at me like I'd pooped on his shoe!

  • If you keep on I'll show you a flying fried egg but it won't end pretty. Lol

    Now let's not get started on the whole monster munch thing. I've embarrassed you once today. That should be plenty.

    Although I'm old enough to remember when they had other shapes and I can't recall what they were??? Maybe they were all different shaped monsters? Arrrrggggh

  • This is a real bummer, as part of my liver damage, what with having my variceal bleed on the 3 December 2014, by March 2015 I had developed type 2 diabetes. Now I'm nearly six months post transplant, my blood sugars have really started to sort themselves out. I should still be taking insulin twice a day, but my sugar levels have been so good that some days I don't take any. I think what I'm doing is to make this liver function properly with my body not carrying insulin in my blood system 24/7.

    (P.S. personally I'm going through a liquorice phase. It's good value as it gives you next morning a good run for your money).

  • πŸ˜‚ lol, pleased things are going in the right direction!!

  • I think I remember that. But I am really young so wouldn't surprise me if I don't :-) lol....

    Thing is every time you eat a fried egg you'll always be asking yourself 'is it really a fried egg?'

  • No. No I won't. Lol

  • Have actually just checked the HARIBO job section. Unfortunately no product testers currently required. Dag nam it. Lol

  • Of course, the British Liver Trust would only ever advocate a healthy balanced diet to keep your livers healthy....

    ( Raspberry flavoured heart sweets for us!)

  • Hey I'll have you know Haribo are the perfect snack for liver patients. Don't go disagreeing with me, you guys can't talk you named your trust after a sandwich!!!

  • Well mine is defanateley the egg 🍳.and I have no idea on your conversation chelle with identity but that made me chuckle lol x

  • See Chelle... EGG!!! Not spaceship. Thank you Millie

  • Haha! Yes egg not spaceship lol. So funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Then why is it a space ship on the packaging? Not even me trying to confuse the situation...blame Haribo. I'm with Rebecca on this anyway - Hearts all the way!

  • It's not a spaceship on the packaging it's a dot on the i!!! The spaceship is the big rocket πŸš€ bellow with the yellow bear at the window. Chelle I'm really starting to worry about you. I'm at Kings tomorrow I'll get them to call you. Lol

  •'s a UFO/Spaceship! lol...

    Who you under at Kings?

    Make sure you take water and some food, you get about a 20 min break....and don't laugh at the guy in front of you who farts like I did....was a really 'sad' moment when they were saying you could die...etc...everyone was quite solemn.

    The guy in front of me passed wind and I heard and childishly started laughing but tried not to laugh loudly, I couldn't look at my sister or other half because I knew they'd make it worse....I tried controlling my laughter, but started crying because it was so funny - the lady in front of me offered me a tissue; she thought I was crying because I might die, not because her husband farted!! ha ha ha .....opps

  • lol I'm not sure he will be at my meeting. Fairly certain he's not part of the fixtures and fittings. Introductions: we are your instructors for the day and that chap in front of you Mark is here to fart at the most inappropriate time to test your reaction. Laughing will not be tolerated. Lol

  • I know it's the lowest form of humour but sarcasm is all I've got. Lol

  • No No No.... always the cherries!!

  • Matt just get out... lol

    Just kidding, let's face it they're all awesome!!!

  • I love the fact if I never give anything to this forum I'll know I've given you Haribo. Not literally. They are mine and I don't share. Lol πŸ˜‚

  • Nah... Fangtastics

  • Fangtastics are amazing but my nouth does mumb after eating a whole bag. πŸ˜‹

  • Horah!!! A post about HARIBO has been deemed POPULAR. The ultimate goal in life for any post.

  • So what's the best combo, I know everyone does it putting the two best ones together, cola bottles and cherries tamgfastic, ideally 2 cola bottles!! I got a 2kg tub for xmas couple of years ago, I binged on tangfastic, I had to abstain for nearly 6 months when I finished it as I'd over indulged my belly. Oh and technically a fried egg flying is a space ship, heading to planet haribo......end.

  • Ha ha! Yes! I like squishing two hearts together 😍

  • Typical, I would expect nothing less!!

  • Oh yeah not fangtastic, tangfastic. I don't eat many sweets, and I tell people not to get them for Xmas. If they did I'd eat them in minutes, best to abstain.

  • But crisps, I have no resistance.

  • thank you every one I now have to trek down to the shops and get 'er' a bag to try.

    she is currently on the jelly babes done marshmallows, comfits and apple sours. of course chocolate and bakewell tarts are always in the goody draw

  • "a bag to try"???

    Is she a Haribo virgin???

    What was her verdict?

  • Naa OK nice but it's still the jelly baby's and lidls do a deal.

  • I feel the start of Haribo club πŸ˜†

  • You need an in case of emergency HARIBO break glass. Lol

    Of course it would always be an emergency. Lol

  • Perhaps we could start a help group, haribo anonymous??

    Am I considered a bad person if I stash my haribo where my daughter can't find them.......perhaps we could raise money for those less fortunate and do haribo drops by Hercules over the south east?

    Thy already do a heart shaped one they could do special transplant haribo, they have already done minion ones!

  • There is nowt wrong with hiding your haribo from young uns, in fact it is to be encouraged. They need to learn.

    We don't need to be anonymous. HARIBO AND PROUD lol

    A liver shaped Haribo? It could be cherry cola flavoured, be the right sort of colour. Not sure we want it actually liver flavoured. Lol

    They could do a whole bag. Haribo Organs!!! Lol. Little kidneys. Liver. Heart.

  • How about, The people's popular front of haribo? Unlike the Popular people's front of haribo who are splitters!!

  • I looked on amazon/Ebay for organ sweets....but they only do; hearts, lips, willies, boobs and that's about it. maybe we should talk to Haribo to see if they would commission a bag of organ shaped Haribo!