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I posted last week in absolute despair. Several of you were very kind and replied, sharing your own experiences and stories. I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me to get through those difficult days, while my husband was stabilising.... he's now much better. The mood swings seem to have calmed down, he's taking all his meds (carvedilol?, thiamine, omeprazole, calcium carbonate). He had a letter from the consultant asking for a blood test to be repeated via the gp, which he went and had done without arguing :) and even had an appt with a gp who turned out to have some experience with liver problems and he got along well with them. So fingers crossed!! Next is the consultant appointment in June - he still says he won't have the follow-up endoscopy but I'm hoping that the consultant will be able to make him see the reasons for this outweigh the risks!! Good Luck to all of you who are struggling with your condition - and especially to the partners and families who bear the brunt!! 😊💕

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  • That is such positive news x I take similar Meds & have done for a long time. Having a good GP is fab! I really hope everything continues well for you!

  • Always a pleasure to help.

  • A good relationship with the GP is critical. For those having illness, it is hard for them to accept their condition which makes them resist potential treatment, they can sometimes just need time to adjust, adapt and accept. It's not easy, not for them, or for us their carers. You just have to take each day as it comes, keep the faith, enjoy the good times and roll with the bad. Some days easier than others, but you just have to keep going. Good luck honey. Endoscopies are not nice, but they provide vital information, so I hope he is persuaded.

  • Good! Life's rich tapestry ... Every day new joys, new challenges! Have a great day! ☺

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