Sending love

The difficulty in joining a Forum online is that there are persons who we become close to, inspired by and care about. But we never meet them and suddenly a day comes when all communication stops. We can only imagine why. Wherever Catfish is, I want you to know that many on this Forum have been touched by your endurance and strength of spirit. Thank you for being such a shining example to all of us. Sending you love and peace. 💞🌷 Aloha...

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  • 😔❣💐.. ditto... one very very special lady who supported me when I needed and vice versa. sending love your way catfish. 🌟thank you

  • 😭

  • Perfect words. We can only presume she is walking on a happier beach now. Free of pain x aloha x

  • So true she was an inspiration , she helped me many times I don't post now due to a rude remark I received but private message many folk. Catfish was a lifeline to me thanks for putting that message up you are spot on................Maria x

  • I think that catfish will be smiling and sending happiness to us all. Good wishes to all of the group. Xx

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