Hi all, I've posted before, I'm due a liver scan tomorrow after suffering what may be a bad reaction to Co-Amoxiclav. My jaundice has almost gone and my wee is back to normal

Could. My itch is still there a tiny bit at night but no where near as bad. The last bloods over a week ago show improvement. The thing I'm worried about is the weakness I feel and the tiredness, is this normal? The slightest chore wears me out and I have no energy at all. How long does this last? I'm really scared something is really wrong, more serious. 😕 Anyone else with acute liver damage experience this?


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  • Not sure about acute conditions. But for most of us with chronic liver disease fatigue is very common.

  • Hi, thank you for your reply. I'm guessing it would still be the same for long or short term damage? I just can't believe how weak it makes you feel.

  • This week I started commuting to work on my bike, it's a 20 mile round trip and I haven't been doing it since last October (daylight). I'm also doing the 5:2 diet, which is minimising calories for 2 days a week (about 600). I rode and did the diet on Monday and Tuesday, cycling home on Tuesday I hit a wall, in cycling its called a bonk, and in medical terms hypoglycemia. I could barely turn my legs over and I felt sick, aching all over and extreme fatigue. I'd basically run out of gas, I had no calories left to burn and started using fat reserves.

    I hadn't felt anything like that since I'd had a liver transplant. Before transplant it happened a number of times when I was at the gym or cycling even though I'd not pushed myself. So I wonder if liver disease can cause this?

  • Hi, maybe you are pushing yourself a little too much? 600 calories for a man is no where near enough, maybe ok on a quiet day but if you are cycling you need energy and maybe you aren't eating enough. You have had a transplant so look after yourself, well done ion getting back into exercising though. I will ask at the hospital tomorrow about fatigue. I will post what I learn. Take care 😊

  • Oh I know. I learnt the hard way. I've got to get a sensible balance and not mix the fast days with cycling.

  • Well I went for my ultra sound and it was all good apart from showing slight inflammation or not fatty deposits. Everything else ok. However I saw the consultant yesterday to discus the results and he wants me to have a ct scan! He said to double check there's nothing else going on. I can not understand why if all the symptoms like jaundice etc have now gone? I'm confused and scared 😔

  • oh the joys of tiredness and insomnia? how do you work that one out? I'm 9yrs cirrhosis. only just had my first ever appt with my hepetologist. due to go back on 9 May. my fibroscan was 27 which I.understand is high? I always aim.to eat healthy and I use an app on my phone thst recorded all.my.meals and records the sugar salt and carbs etc. I use this as s guide line as it works along side another sister app that tells you how many calories you have used up thst day .not on any tx list as yet but will know more next visit

    welldone rodeo on your amazing recovery but I do agree, take it easy and 600 calories is way too low even on two days a week .your body needs nutrients especially the liver.

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