So scared

I am 41 and have drink 2 hours or so before bed for 15 years. I cut down a good bit over the last 4 months and am now stopping g completely. My ALT and AST are dine with gradual increases in 11 months. My total bilirubin went from .9 to 1.1 then to 2.1 in 3 months. I have seen my records online today and should hear from the doctor next week I would assume. I had a ct 8 or 9 months ago and it showed nothing liver wise or anything at all. I have been taking Tramadol for a shoulder injury and cholesterol medicine for 3 weeks.before blood panel. I never considered.myself an alcoholic...never even considered drinking when out on weekends or days or lunches and would just drink heavily as the kids were going to sleep and weekends nights.....but almost never missed a night. Now I am terrified this Sat morning and haven't slept wondering if I am going to die. The website notes a CPK test and Hep C as the next orders. I have not heard from them yet and don't have a checkup, review results appointment for another 2 months. Maybe the doc is waiting till then because there is minimal concern? Will they call immediately after blood tested again for all noted on the website friday afternoon and I'm in bad trouble and something serious with liver and or kidneys? Please help with any info possible and ranks everyone for your rime and ear.

-Scared to death

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  • To put your results into perspective, my hubbys bilirubin spiked at over 800 before he passed away. (His was not alcohol related btw).

    You have taken exactly the right action to givr your liver time to recover, well done.

  • Keep up the good work with abstaining from alcohol. It sounds like your additional tests are just normal ones. Good luck , relax and breathe. X X

  • I took Tramadol for a while and once I went off of it my liver functions went back to normal. I hope this helps and good luck.

  • Thank u so much...that helps me a lot. The fact that my right stomach feels numb is what worries would be too much of a coincidence?

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