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Do I have fatty liver disease? Scared!

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About 6 or 7 months ago I had pain on my right side... upper abdomen and it also would go to my lower back sometimes. It is intermittent. I went to the doctor and tests came back normal. I am a drinker. I drink one to 2 glasses of either beer or wine about twice during the week on week days. On the weekends though typically the same... but sometimes 3 drinks.... but then maybe once and a while... (like once every other month) I will binge. By binge I mean have about 5 drinks in an evening. I am a small woman age 40. And I know it's bad for me. And I'll feel hung over after the bing and I layoff for a bit. But I stupidly do it again in another couple of months. So the abdominal pain I have comes and goes and I am concerned it has to do with drinking, as I noticed it got worse after my last binge over a month ago. I stupidly googled my symptoms today and have scared myself into thinking I have incurable liver disease. I suppose I should go back to the doctor. But I was so angered last time to spend so much money for no answers. But I guess I should go for piece of mind. In the mean time I'm not going to drink which will be challenging through the holidays. But I want to feel better and not worry that I'm doing more damage. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Have I really messed up my liver so badly?

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With issues that come and go with drinking it would be best to completely lay of the drink and see if there is any improvement in your pains etc. If pains persist (even though blood results are normal) it might be worth asking about a scan - fibroscan or ultrasound scan.

Even if your drinking had caused a problem in your liver, abstinence will remove the thing which is assaulting your liver and should give it a chance to recover. Scans should show whether or not there are any changes within the liver i.e. whether you have fatty change, fibrous build up or worse.

Take it as a warning, get checked out and look after your liver. The British Liver Trust page on alcohol and the liver and looking after your liver should give you some better insight than Dr Google.

Have a look at the BLT main site -

All the best to you, Katie

Sounds like fatty liver but the good news is you can do something about it. News years resolution to cut down on the drink and start feeling better. Seasons greetings

I agree with what katie has said , keep off the dreaded alcohol which i know will be something you will not do untill post xmas.. as a recovering alcoholic who now heaves at the slightest smell of booze ).. knows well how hard it is especially this time of year. I have f4 cirrhosis nearly 10 yrs. I also have fatty liver of which i am struggling with diet wise due to mobility issues now.

Please see your doctor before any irreversible damage is done. Merry christmas and best wishes for 2018...linda x

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Please do what everyone says on here. I know you can do it.

I've got non alcoholic steatohepititis, caused by all the tablets that my drs have given me over the years. Please take care. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

I didn’t think that I heard how many years this has gone on. The amount doesn’t seem that large except of course the binges. Do go to a gastroenterologist to get checked out. As everyone said it is likely reversible if you stop the drinking. My husband has stage 4 Cirrhosis, NAFLD, and his liver is still functioning. Blood work now all in normal ranges. His most likely isn’t reversible but as long as he eats healthy & keeps the weight off he can live years. Just a bit of advice, take it or leave it. But keep up with routine office visits & keep your records of all tests. Ppl just need to be more aware of what’s going on & they can stop some things in their tracks. Good luck to you!

Hello Krock,

I can only go by what my doctor told me and that amount of alcohol consumption alone would be extremely unlikely to cause lasting damage or problems to the liver.

However, more than alcohol can cause the problems: poor diet, lack of fitness, medications - whether prescribed or over-the-counter, including simple pain-killers, other toxins, environmental factors, and, of course, genetics. Add alcohol to that mix, even in modest amounts, and U could have an issue.

I agree with others: please try not to drink alcohol until U have had a thorough consultation with a doctor, including a physical examination and preferably at least an ultrasound. Two sets of liver function tests would also be helpful so that there is a baseline & then the second set to see how things are settling.

All the best and Happy Christmas to U!

Listen to what your body is telling you.

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