My husband has cerosis of the liver

It has been almost 2 years since my husband has been diagnosed with final stages of cerosis of the liver, from alcohol. He has been going to a Canadian hospital often last year for pre transplant diagnosis. There has been great hope for a chance of getting on the transplant list. But everything has stopped. No new information. He is not ill enough yet to go on the list for a liver. His numbers have to be correct to qualify. For that I am greatful. But just to let others know, it is a long journey of worry and stress to know what is yet to come. He is doing much better lately, and has improved much. Quitting drinking for life is the only answer. His problems have slowed down imensley. Fluid draining is less frequent. Memory has improved greatly. There is strong hope for those of you out there.

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  • My husband is 15 months post liver/kidney failure due to cirrhosis. He hasn't had a drink since he was in the hospital, but is now allowed to drink non-alcoholic beer and wine. There has been no talk of transplant, but the last appt with the liver doctor, the doctor was pleased with his progress and lately it seems he has had improved memory. We are in the U.S.

    His doctor said he would improve for up to a year, but it seems to me that some things have continued to improve, such as memory -he has since the liver failure broken a foot twice and his hand once and just had surgery to remove bone spurs in a wrist, so it has not been an uneventful year.

    It is good to hear from others that improvement does happen.

  • I have Cirrhosis of the liver, although I am functioning pretty well at the moment I think you forget the effect it has on family members. I hope your husband keeps off the alcohol, my illness was never elated to drinking but I haven't drunk in 3 and a half years. I am on the transplant list, and it is stressful enough. I hope your husband continues to improve x

  • Thankyou for your reply. It is encouraging that you are not alone on this journey. I don't think my husband will ever touch a drop of alcohol ever again.

  • Good. I hope you can make some wonderful memories. Get out and do normal stuff. Not drinking can be hard at times especially when I am out with my friends or my other half or if we throw a party. I'd like to have a little drink, but it really might be the death of me, and although I don't have huge amounts of fun because of hospital appointment or not feeling well or tired, I have family to live for and that's enough for me.

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