Liver pain I think?

hi everyone, im a female and im 14 years of age. At the start of november '2016 I got hit suddenly one day with flu like symptoms (cough, tonsil stones, sore throat, fatigue) and also an ache over my liver area, my flu symptoms left after a week but since then ive been having the same liver pain feelings. Im too afraid to tell someone and to go to the doctor, I dont want people to suggest worrying stuff because I panic so easily. Please help

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  • hello there, firstly and most importantly in all situations, tell yourself to stay calm! And breath deeply. And tell a trusted adult how you feel, and take it from there. I wish you every health and happiness

  • There is nothing wrong with telling your parents, sounds as if you need a check up or a physical whichever works the best for you. As a dad I would want to know if you are not feeling well . Good luck

  • Tell an adult, or show them this post. A quick trip to the doctor could end all your worrying. But overthinking won't help at all and will just make you more agitated and upset. It sounds like you had a nasty week of flu and the ache could just be the result of that. Go to a doctor please

  • Hi there, I'm sorry you're so worried but I understand - and I back up what the others have said. Please tell one of your family, then make an appointment with your GP, and they will do one very simple blood test, which will check out your liver, and I'm pretty sure that will put your mind at rest. More than likely, it's just been the flu , but the only way to stop being anxious about it is to tackle it - as I've found out myself over the years! Oh, and stay off the internet - Dr Google can make you more worried than ever!!

  • Always better to know if there is something not right and then it can be dealt with. Not knowing and googling can cause unnecessary anxiety!

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your post.

    Please do be aware that this forum is for adults with liver conditions, which can be quite different from those experienced by children or young adults.

    It would be a very good idea to explain your worries to a parent or guardian and ask them to take you to the doctors.

    The GP will be able to have a chat with you and investigate your symptoms, try not to worry, they are there to help you.

    Warm wishes,


  • please tell someone...don't let this go any longer I'm sure a trusted adult will help u

  • It could be that you've pulled a muscle in that area if you were coughing a lot. Bite the bullet, tell your mum. You'll feel less worried once she knows about it. Good luck and courage x Emma

  • Hi Annabell 🙌

    Yes please talk to someone in your family and I'm sure someone will go with you to see a doctor, you sound older than 14 and you have been brave enough to tell us all so only needs now for you to talk to your doctor. and then please come back to us all here to tell us how you got on. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sending you love and cuddles🙅Jeanie x

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