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Sudden liver pain

Hello,first i am going to introduce myself.I just want to say that im 13 and english isnt my first language and i want to apologize for any mistakes

So I've noticed that i have liver pain when i go to sleep or when i eat milk based food.I sometimes wake up at about 4am just because of the pain.I need to curl up to actually sleep normal with my liver still hurting.And sometimes even that dosen't work.

If I had to describe the pain i would describe it as very long lasting burning pain.It feels like someone stabbing me with knives

Any help is thankfull!

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Hello Deathking, I am wondering if you have sought medical advice on this i.e. been to see a doctor?

One suggestion as you seem to be getting these symptoms after milk/milky food is lactose (milk) intolerance which might give you some of the symptoms you are describing - the NHS has a page on this at :- nhs.uk/Conditions/lactose-i... .

However, I would hasten to add that non of us here are medics and we could guess at all sorts of diagnosis but really you need to be seeing a doctor.

Wishing you all the best, I would definitely go and see a doctor and get this examined as it could be nothing to do with your liver at all.

Katie :) x

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You could be lactose intolerant. See your doctor.

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Did you say your 13? It may be the gallbladder not liver. Get to the docs pls.


I will,thank you for anwsering.


Hi, I'd go and see your gp/doctor. As already said you may be lactose intolerant or could have gallbladder issue. The liver won't be giving you the pain as it doesn't have pain receptors I don't think, so unlikely it's liver itself. Best to have it checked but gallbladder or pancreas are more likely candidates or a possible appendix problem. Only a doctor can sort this for you. See one soon please.


Thank you for anwsering.

A lot of people say that i may have gallblader issues.I will go visit the doctor as soon as I can


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