Information about polycystic ovaries and liver disease

A link for information on nafld in polycystic ovaries.... It does baffle me why UK doesn't do more studies on this, took me years to convince my own mother that this is why I needed a transplant!! Finally she believes me and it's first time I have found information on said condition.

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  • Amazing isn't it, I only found this information the other week too. Another reason for Liver Disease which is not discussed.

  • I know I always knew I got cirrhosis through it as my pcos consultant told me and he even had a fight on his hands convincing heptalogist consultant lol and like you never seen information on it before just what I had been told x

  • Sad isn't it . I think there will be a lot more incidents of things like this " discovered " , in the next decade. When sadly everything always gets blamed on the same old stuff , which can be termed life choices.

  • good God ! well what an great find jojo.i know my liver disease is alcohol related but this really is great information .well said Bermuda1 unfortunately I only have myself to blame on this one but for everyone else who does not have ALD It sure Is an eye opener .

  • Milliee, I wouldn't just ' blame yourself ' , you may have helped , but many have also a genetic suseptability to liver disease through alcohol. This is proven , in a genetic form in some Caucasians, Native Americans ad Hispanics. A first they said alcohol to me , then borderline auto immune , then the discovered I was born with a very narrow and meandering portal vein. I also have gut problems. So with me its a bit like pick and mix, of course the easiest one to blame is alcohol. I truly believe that in years to come many people will be discovered to have multi faceted reasons for having liver disease.

  • hi Bermuda 1.well I suppose so .see it does baffle me as I read and see how much people have drank when they have been diagnosed with ALD but I was never a drinker of spirits of any sort .not even wine .just lager and that was only 5% .so who knows .I have an appointment on 28 Feb with my first ever hepetologist so maybe there is other things I don't know as like yourself I am having stomach problems too .thank you for your interesting reply .

  • Millie they blamed alcohol with me for years but you know what I thought let them just because they doctors or consultants doesn't mean they are open minded. As long as you know what you drank and your dubious about that amount causing problems trust your gut and you will get your answers eventually but in meantime just look after yourself and bugger everyone else. Good luck with the heptalogist I hated my first one lol he was saying he thought I had hiv without even testing my blood's I had the worst weekend ever waiting for them results but it give me the strength to ask to see someone who didn't make assumptions about my well-being x

  • hi jojo.did they really ? yes I have always even to this day say to my sister when we see really bad alcoholics that actually look poorly how I was ever told it was alcohol that was the cause , its that awful stigma though isn't it when others who unfortunately have genetic and other reasons to their liver cirrhosis probably think I'm not worthy of the help , but as you said I know what I used to drink and I'll stick by that as God is my witness .I never even had to be detoxed when I was admitted 9 years ago with ascites so that in itself tells me not what the Dr's seem to think .lol ! well let's hope my hepetologist is nice as If not and I get an instinct dislike then that will put me Right off .good for you !.Yes it's very true to go with your gut instinct as we are never really that wrong are we .thank you for your support .hope things are OK with you .I'll let you know how it goes ☺x

  • Hi Jojo,

    The British Liver Trust have some useful information regarding PCOS and its relation to Non alcohol related fatty liver disease.

    See here for our link to the Non Alcohol related fatty liver disease publication and look at page 17:

    I do hope that is helpful,

    Warm wishes,


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