Very High GGT...having anxiety

I'm Spanish so I'm sorry if my english is not very good. I'll try to explain as best as possible.

I just have my second blood test results back and everything is normal but my GGt is 197. I'm a 57 year old female, havent drunk for over 15 years, dont smoke and my diet I think is pretty healthy and also exercise every day . I year ago I have a local abdomen scan with contrast for suspected spleen rupture what it wasnt the case, but the did tell me a have a stone in my gallbladder but I don't have any symptoms at all of that or anything else. My mother almost died of gallbladder complications so I don't know if it runs in families. I'm very worried about my liver being damaged. Could anybody give me some advice please? I'm feeling very anxious about the GGT levels.

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  • This will probably be why your gamma gt is high. Try not to worry.gallstones often runs in families. Not always. I dont know what your doctor will suggest as you say you dont have any symptoms. when you had the scan for the suspected spleen rupture i take it that you were in pain and therefore got the scan and now they have found the gallstone.when i had the stone in the bile duct my gamma gt you think that the time you were in pain for the spleen it may have been the gallstone that was causing the pain. What is going to be your next step what has your doctor suggested. if your worried speak to your doctor and im sure that he will put your mind at rest. all my love grace xoxo

  • Grace thank you very much for your prompt respond. A year ago I broke a couple of ribs what made them think I could have ruptured the spleen, no pain or symptoms but the doctor at the hospital decided to do the scan anyway. The only thing the told me it was about the gallstone but a year later still not symptoms with that either. My GP sent me to do some blood test regarding hepatitis , ferritin and a couple more. He seemed very concerned so that made me feel very apprehensive. I asked him if he had any idea what could had caused it but all he said was to wait for the results in two weeks time. In the meantime I'm so worry that I cannot eat or sleep. My brother just been diagnosed with throat cancer back in Spain so that does not help. I just need I little bit of reassurance, I'm such a worrier anyway. Love Maria Teresa xoxox

  • Its so easy to worry isnt it when we dont know what is wrong, i'v had hep c and not only was my gamma gt high all my liver readings were of the scale. hopefully you will be fine. its best to have all those tests done as if you did have hep c its so easily treated now and seemingly the treatment is much shorter and not so rough as the old treatment i had 10 years ago about. i was on interferon and ribavarin. i cleared the hep c virus after 6 months of treatment with those medicines. im still clear of it now. im not sure if that had anything to do with my gallstone. that caused me so much trouble and i ended up with Mirrizzis syndrome and had to have my bile duct recontstructed.. im sure there will be other around who know much more than i do. any way we dont know if you even have it so lets not jump to conclusions. it wont be long until you find out and hopefully all will be well. try and keep your chin up Mayte, wishing you all the very best. let me know how you get on with your results. love grace xoxoxo

  • I'm sorry to hear about all your problems Grace, I hope everything is getting better for you. You are right I need to stop worrying, it's affecting badly my appetite and my sleep; I guest it is the fear of the unknown. I never hear of Mirizzi's syndrome before.I wish you all the very best too Grace and I'll let you know how I get on. Mayte oxoxox

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