Pain in back of shoulder and back and under right rib

Hi been to have a pain in my should blade and under rib cage and seen Doctor and had x-ray on my ribs and nothing wrong with my ribs and had ultra sound on my shoulder and nothing showed up, i still get the pain in back of shoulder and under my right rib cage a poping feeling and feel a bulge, my doctor says it muscle i pulled, i not sure this is true, does anyone know what it might be, let me know thank you

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  • I've had the same feelings you've described and have had for going on 5 yrs now. Started around same time I was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Not all times but many times I lay down and breathe in, it pops, I breathe out, it pops. I've had x-rays & ultra sounds and nothing shows up. Same with the shoulder and Now my whole arm just constantly aches. My doctor also told me I probably pulled a mussel. Until your post I just figured it was just a symptom if cirrhosis or something to do with my COPD. You wouldn't happen to have that would you? I wish us both the best finding out what it is. Maybe someone else out there has it and has found out what it is and can share

  • Have you had a scan for gallstones. some of the symptoms are same. pain under right rib and between and around shoulders. especially after eating but not always, just a thought.

  • no i have not my doctors have told to see a someone for pulled muscle

  • Hi, I had the shoulder pain and the pain around my rib cage, mine was due to a stricture in my common bile duct. This is when it stretches and becomes thinner, this makes it easier to block and increases the pressure which causes pain in your right shoulder. I hope this has helped you

  • Interestingly a liver biopsy can cause right shoulder pain too.

  • this was nothing to do with it sorry

  • not anthing to do with it sorry

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