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Just curious liver cancer/ follow-up

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Of people diagnosed with liver cancer, did you start with cirrhosis first?

If you were high risk for liver cancer did you have screenings done every 6 months?

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Not really an expert in this field, but until someone comes along who is, I'll try to give you an answer in the mean time.

If you did get or have cirrhosis, you have a far higher chance of getting liver cancer. Most people who have cirrhosis, will often have an abdominal ultrasound every six months and bloods done every six months. It is of course dependent on the person's condition, but that is a rough idea.

I realise that I have only partially answered your question, hopefully somebody more in the know will answer it fully.


I don't have cancer but as I am high risk I have ultrasound every 6 months and blood tests every 2 months.

Fibrosxan every 12.

I hope you don't have cancer it's a club nobody wants to join but it is possible to leave.


No just diagnosed with cirrhosis and told I will need MRI or Ultrasound every 6 months, my first MRI is next week.

I have Liver cancer. Totally unexpected. I had no symptoms or history of cirrhosis jaundice hepatitis or drug/alcohol use.

Wow, unbelievable hang in there

I have stage 4 cirrhosis and just told I have nash to. I am having mris because my US said my liver was healthy and normal after transjugular biopsy and fibroscan of 21.3 I find out I'm stage 4. So I will have MRI's from now on.

Wow scary! Why did they have to do a transjugular biopsy, vs the abdominal one?

Sorry just saw this. They wanted to measure portal pressures.

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