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What is this ??

Firstly , I hope you all had a good Christmas and wish you all a safe and happy 2017 . It's been a difficult year and honestly I'm glad to see the back of it !

Anyway , this is my question , I'm off work for a few days and have noticed ( not for the first time ) that my husband is actually sick every morning , usually after breakfast , it's almost like he just can't keep his food down . I have noticed this a lot over the last year but he's very good at hiding it . I asked him this morning if he's always sick every morning and he said no it's just a bit of indigestion ! He always says that if I'm around and he knows that I can hear him .

I don't know if any other meals end up the same way ,I don't want to follow him around the house but I just don't know - I'm pretty sure that his breakfast always gets sicked up !

Is this anything to do with his liver , he's still drinking ( I imagine that we'll have the usual couple of days not drinking as a nod to new year ) otherwise it's still a bottle of wine and half a bottle of scotch every night .

He looks ok , not yellow or swelling up or anything

Thanks guys

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Hello samosaqueen,

One thing we can do here is offer support and advice on issues which many of us have experience of, but one thing we cannot do is give a diagnosis. That has to be for your GP and any clinical referral you may be given.

From what you have said there is clearly a very serious problem. As for looking for signs of any possible liver disease, you can't really do much better than accessing the British Liver Trust website. There you will be given advice on what symptoms to look for as well as help in supporting good liver health.

I had serious health issues all caused by alcohol, so I think I, among others here, can definitely help you there. My health deteriorated very rapidly and I went from diagnosis to liver transplant in just 14 months. That must tell you that you need to persuade him to see his GP as a matter of urgency. (today or tomorrow )

I'm not suggesting what happened to me will be the same for your husband, but it is something you need to be aware of.

As for the alcohol, you have described an individual with all the potential to have an extremely difficult outcome both physically and mentally. My suggestion is you can address the alcohol problem immediately by contacting your local alcohol / substance abuse service, you can self refer before seeing you GP, although he or she can do that for you as well.

It would be unwise and possibly dangerous to stop drinking abruptly, certainly a decrease in consumption can start immediately, but stopping altogether from the level you describe MUST be with medical supervision.

That's two practical things for you to do immediately, and I do mean right away.

One thing you have to do is make sure you are not alone in dealing with all of this, he will need you to be well and without unnecessary stress, none of this is going to be easy, but you know that already.

Keep coming to this forum and you will get a great deal of support from those who have been there or are going through the same journey as you.

Take care,



Thank you Jim , he absolutely doesn't think he has a problem , plus he gets very nasty when it's mentioned , I can't even talk to him about it - at all - I have had a few conversations with my doctor but of course they can't discuss him . I'm feeling that the sickness must be connected to the drinking but that's the only outward sign that his liver is damaged .

I know that he'll probably stop drinking for - about 4 days , thats what he does , he'll stop , find that he can't sleep and go back to it and then back to square one within a week .

Because this is a no go area conversation wise I can't recommend anything , actually, I'm just moaning again !

Sometimes just not feeling that your on your own helps

Thanks again



Unfortunately denial is the normal when it comes to anybody facing up to accepting they have a problem with alcohol. We all do it, thats why GP's often double the alcohol consumption that the patient tells them. I did it as well. Sadly, even after my diagnosis I didn't take it seriously enough and continued to drink. Eventually, I felt too unwell to actually drink and then completely collapsed and ended up with a near death experience in A & E resuscitation., That was the end of my drinking career.

Fortunately, I had a partner who stayed by me , even during the worst times, I have to to be thankful for the times she called an ambulance when I just wanted to go to sleep. Not through drinking but with the dreadful effects of liver failure.

Now, I often think that if only I could just spend 10 minutes with somebody like your husband and tell him about the total of 80 nights in just one year, spent in hospital and show them my scar, and let them see there is life after alcohol., but only if they wake up to reality.

You are not alone, there are many in this forum who are not the person with the liver disease but those caring for those who, for whatever reason, their liver has failed.



The fact he can go without for 4 days is pretty positive - at least he's shown he can take that first step.

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Really ?? Forgive me but it almost makes me more upset because it never lasts . I don't quite know what to feel , I'm mostly resigned to it with very unhelpful doses of self pity and anger .


You might want to consider Al-Anon. They can be a source of support and give you some tools to help/protect yourself.

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I've been thinking about my hubby's health - he was sick many mornings, he couldn't eat and only drank watered down juice or smoothies for days. He was diagnosed with post nasal drip and had a steroid inhaler. Def check it out with the doc, perhaps try him on a smoothie at breakfast and see if that helps x


hi Happy new year to you,

sadly your post is not unique on this forum. My advice is to get your other half down the GP kicking and screaming if you must and get a full liver panel done sharpish! the results may scare him into considering a different lifestyle-...Having been a heavy drinker myself for many years(admittedly not at the levels you describe) it took some elevated enzyme levels to get me on this forum and to change my habits...

good luck

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As ive mentioned on my posts i am in the same situation with my partner.. 2.5 liters cider folllwed by quarter bottle of whiskey every single night without fail. He sleeps all day and stays up all night. Please feel free to pm me x

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