My poor liver

Hi, I'm new here. I'm a 45 year old female and I read an article yesterday when I was away from home which really made me think, it was about doctors getting your liver checked. I've been drinking wine far too much for many years, almost every night and the fact your liver can deteriorate without any signs really scares me. I do bruise really easily and my skin does itch sometimes, I have interrupted sleep at night leaving me tired and my skin on my face is becoming more blotchy I've noticed so I know I need to act. I had my bloods taken for another issue a few months ago now and nothing untoward came back but I'm still worried. Can I really make my liver better and reverse the effects at this stage?

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  • Easy answer, stop drinking. The liver can regenerate its self but you must stop drinking alcohol now. Liver function can be checked so go to your doctor, tell them of your concerns and get a blood test to check it. Then start leading a healthy life style. If you smoke, stop, full stop if possible. I have personal experience of somebody who could not stop drinking even though they were warned it would cause them serious harm. Sadly they are no longer with us. Please look after yourself.

  • Thank you, I know you're right, I will stop. Should I just stop completely now or decrease gently? Luckily I have never smoked and I eat incredibly healthily with fresh juices most mornings, I will call the doctor this morning, thank you for your advice and I really am so sorry to hear of your sad loss.

  • Hi Bellebubble, my history is not so unlike yours. When I finally went to see my doc my words were " I feel like a twat.on one hand I am ridiculously healthy, I start everyday with Herbalife and I am fully aware of my diet..and on the other hand I drink socially...every night..large G & T, wine and more with with dinner! "

    After my LFT came back showing was a no brainer.Just stopped..the 1st 30 days was the hardest ( apparently it takes 21 days to form a habit. Good or bad ). Add in all the healthy extras like milk thistle, celery, organic apples, betroot the lists are extensive..( I have found The book by Antony William the medical medium, really interesting and inspiring for healing the body of disease)

    Wishing you well!

  • Hi Mherbie, thank you for your fantastic help and advice, I phoned the docs and asked if they'd done a blood test to check liver function, this was end of 2014 and they said it was absolutely fine and nothing to worry about. Still not convinced I've booked myself in for blood tests in January to see how it is now? I will get that book, thank you so much.

    Have a good Christmas and new year!

  • Hi Belbubble1, you have made a good start in acknowledging there might be something wrong. When they did your bloods they may not have checked your LFT's, since they are not part of the standard blood test, so this is why you need to mention your concerns. You can definitely help your liver reverse the damage (as long as it is not too advanced) by no longer drinking or drinking in moderation. Unfortunately, our society very much revolves around drinking, almost encouraging it. In addition, since wine glasses have grown in size, people's idea of a normal glass has become distorted. This is why the government is encouraging more people to get their liver checked out and to drink fewer units. I'm impressed you've take your first steps towards an answer. I feel that listening to your body is so important as then you are used to what is normal for you (not necessarily for everyone else).

    Good luck and have a great Christmas :)

  • Hi MC1189, thank you for your very kind encouragement, means a lot, I want to be around to see my boys grow up, that's what shook me up! I haven't stopped drinking yet, I have cut down and I properly will once Christmas is out of the way, I want to see how I feel and look by completely stopping for a few weeks, I know I'm going to suffer a bit in the beginning but that's to be expected.

    Have a wonderful Christmas also and thank you again

  • Hi Belbubble1,

    Glad to have been of some help. It's so good that your boys have given you a focus (sorry about italics- can't seem to switch it off). Keep positive and try not to worry. :)

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