Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have been for 2 ct scans originally for stomach and pelvis but they discovered haemangiomas in my spleen which they are going to keep an eye on but they discovered on the second ct scan Intrahepatic Arterioportal shunt in my liver. Today I got a phone call from the hospital asking me to go back next week for an MRI on my liver. I only drink about 3 times a year if that and now I am at my wits end. I can't find anything significant about the above and was wondering if any of you good people could tell me anything at all to help me out. Good luck to all of you who are suffering xxx

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  • Aww I sorry I cant help liver problems are not always down to drink don't worry you only drink 3 times a year I hope when you go back for MRI its all fine take care xx

  • Many thanks Helenatonge xx

  • I have AIH, which is auto-immune hepatitis. This is a rare disease and causes damage to the liver, in much the same way as drinking would. You cannot catch it, it is caused by a fault in your body's immune system, so as the above person said, drink is not always the cause of a damaged liver. I cannot comment on the above medical information since I know nothing about it, so I think it's best to wait and see what the MRI tells the docs and hope that they get an answer. I had an MRI only yesterday in order to rule out other issues as my AIH has progressed in a way that they did not expect from my results, which all appear normal. (I was diagnosed 8 years ago) When you see the consultant who ordered the MRI, you must ask them what it was they were looking for, if they haven't already told you. My consultant is looking for very specific issues, so presumably yours is too. Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon. :)

  • Thank you MC11 89

    I know I won't get the results next Friday the 23rd when I go for the MRI and that is what is going to worry me over the seasonal period. It shock the life out if me when the Dr mentioned about my liver as I thought of all my organ that they would never find anything wrong with that. I already have heart failure so I pray to God that whatever this is does not damage it more. Many thanks I feel I need to read or find out as much as I can and reading through this great site and the way people help each other is invaluable and will be very informative for me. I have read the link Katie sent and that has given me some insight. Xx

  • Hi Kittyjack. Yes Katie is a very knowledgeable and helpful poster, so I'm glad she could point you in the right direction. You have had a series of events to test you, but I would really try not to worry abut the results and instead focus on enjoying the company of those around you. (easier said than done I know) I was told cancer patients are given priority when it comes to results from MRI, so not to expect results for a couple of weeks, especially with Christmas round the corner and the world and it's dog getting tests done before the holidays!! When things were going less well for me with my health, I made lots of arrangements to catch up with friends and family and that really helped me to stop focusing so much on my health (it's always at the back of your mind), but more fun to spend time with others. :) All the very best.

  • A haemangioma is a benigh clump of blood vessels (my hubby has one in his liver and no one is concerned about it).

    Your Intrahepatic Arterioportal Shunt is where blood vessels in your liver have shunted (bypassed) an area of your liver for some reason creating an abnormal link between the portal venous system and a hepatic arterial system within the liver. This can cause portal hypertension (backing up of blood in the portal vein which can lead to potential bleeds, ascites or other issues).

    Various things can lead to this 'diversion' .................... like when you've got a major road accident on a main road, traffic spills out onto smaller roads to 'bypass' the incident leading to bottle necks elsewhere.

    Your doctors (through the MRI scan) are looking to see what your road accident is and why the blood is bypassing it. Various things can cause this including some scaries but also things like another haemangioma but in the liver.

    An online article which seems to detail this quite well but without being too over complicated is at:- radiopaedia.org/articles/in... (However, I do warn you it does mention some of the worse case scenarios which might not ease your worries much).

    Hopefully your MRI clears things up and you get your answers so they don't hang over you, scarying you silly for Christmas.

    All the very best, Katie x

  • Hi Katie thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very informative information you took the time to send memail. I will look up the link and read it well. I fractured my pelvis in 2 places at the end of august and it seems I have had nothing but more health issues sincentre. Many thanks also for you kindness anda very Happy Christmas to you and yours

    Kitty xx

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