I have just had my first illness after transplant and wow did it knock me for six, it didn't help that I had a small gas and carbon monoxide leak in my home but gp said it would of aggravated my symptoms so no wonder I felt so horrible!! 12 days it lasted but glad my new liver and my body seemed to handle the battering it has just taken. mentally I seemed to handle being ill before transplant am wondering if anyone else felt the same way?? anyway I hope everyone is as well as they can be x

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  • Just have to take it one day at a time. All the very best in your recovery.xx

  • All I am doing x but thank you

  • Jojokarak hope you are doing well. What type of virus did you have? I actually only ever had a cough and cold but a month ago I ended up with food poisoning! This was my first proper bug a year and half after my transplant. It really took it out of me that I ended up at hospital for 2 nights. I really am not great but like you it really took it out of me.

    Hope you gain back your energy soon!

  • Doctor just said it was a viral infection but said it seemed to be mainly in my sinuses that's why dizziness has been a big issue for me... I am improving daily but think it will take me a little longer to regain energy I had just got back!

    I hope you begin to feel much better sooner rather than later x

  • Glad you're over it Hun x

  • Thank you x

  • Hope you are feeling stronger again. I am currently having to stay clear of my grand kids in case they pass on any of their regular bugs. I am 4 weeks out of hospital. Were you able to take any lemsip etc.?


  • Hi hope your doing good x and I not allowed any over the counter drugs due to me being on warfarin so did make it more unbearable, if you need anything you just need to double check with your pharmacist and let them know what drugs your on, as I do know we have to be careful with some cough medicines :)

  • sorry you had all that going on. Unfortunately for us a simple virus takes it out of you big time for a lot longer than it should. Pls take it easy and have a peaceful Xmas 🎅🏻 and a very happy 2017 xx

  • Thanks hunni I still rough now it defo takes it toll on you I glad I in Leeds tomorrow so I can get a little reassurance. Happy Christmas to you and all the best for 2017 xxx

  • hope everything went well for you. I'm bk at Leeds 3jan. Been seeing dr claridge every visit. Hated him when i was on the ward. Felt bullied by him due to not being able to eat but he's been fantastic in clinic. Xx

  • I think we all have had a few ups and downs after our transplants. I had leaks, bleeds some of my problems could have been stopped if someone had spoken up earlier but that is now in the past. Just keep being positive and all should good for you..

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