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Hi all 😁

Just wondering for people who are post transplant, do you have nightmares? I got told it was normal because of the drugs I can handle them, but for months now I have been frozen I can't move a muscle and I start to panic as I am trying to wake up from the dream, I feel like I am struggling to breathe it possibly lasts seconds but feels like an eternity and then I sit up for hours not wanting to go back to sleep...

Anyway just wondering if it's a me problem or a common occurrence?

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Hi, yes nearly every day nightmares and always awake a lot through the night. With all the anxiety and all relate had many session of councilling as well. Tried having relaxing music playing and even not having a cuppa when waking in the night in case that had developed a habit.i am midway through another course of counciling and sujwstion made to me was when you wake put on an audio book(I struggle to read cause of concentration) with idea being that your mind focuses on the book/story rather than the nightmares. Result being after a few weeks I have slept right thru a few nights and generally am getting more sleep. I now more put on a talk radio station as kept having to restart audio books because fell asleep listening to them. There are a lot and all subjects free on utube.

i sometimes get this if im over tired. its very scary. its called night nurse paralysis

its a horrible feeling.

wishing you well. xoxo

jojokarak in reply to grace111

I knew it had a name I just couldn't remember it the other night when I posted this lol I have had a couple of bad nights this week and slept for England yesterday x

grace111 in reply to jojokarak

I hope that link put your mind at rest Jojo. Its the most horrible feeling. Im glad you had a great sleep last grace xoxo 🌹

Hi jojo. I had nightmares a few nights in hospital and was told it was down to the huge amount of medication. Since coming home I have had a lot of very strange dreams but they are not as scary as the ones I had immediately post op. I often wake in the night and can't get back off to sleep again but that could be because I go to bed early and often sleep for a couple of hours straight off. Your dreams sound really unpleasant and I hope they stop very soon!! All the best. Alf

Hidden in reply to alfredthegreat

Hello, you have described my routine to a T, the dreams I had in the first weeks were Horrific, now almost 5 years down the line the dreams or thinking about the days events or even very weird scenarios are still with me, I cannot make sense of any of it, and have to some extent learned to live with it, I find the colder the bedroom the better I sleep, told you I was weird!!!! As for the thought process for everyday things, well to quote my Wife 'are you with us or away with the fairies'.

alfredthegreat in reply to Hidden

Hi jumbot. I sleep better when the bedroom is cold. I think it's because if I am warm or hot I push the covers down but I actually sleep better with some weight on top of me (no wise cracks please!!! lol). The weird dreams I sometimes have now can usually be linked to something that I have seen or heard in the last 24 hours . Like you talk in the day about someone that you have probably not thought about or seen for years, then lo and behold they are in your dreams. Usually acting completely out of character and in some strange setting. Most odd. Alf

Mine have been getting worse the more time goes on ... I can handle the nightmares because nothing compares to coma dreams and I still remember them like I dreamt them last night and there from 5 years ago it's just the paralysis I have it scares living daylights out of me but maybe something I just have to get used to x

No, other problems but no nightmares. Difficulty getting to sleep at night but can sleep during the day no probs!

jojokarak in reply to Isabelle2

Lol I think we can all sleep like a baby during the day I may have to get a night job πŸ˜‚


I'm coming up to 2 years post and wouldn't say I have many nightmares, certainly not the sleep paralysis you're describing but I do have extremely vivid dreams (the stuff that keeps you thinking well after you wake up) and have been told I talk a lot in my sleep, apparently been having full on conversations with myself πŸ˜…

Will3 in reply to Hidden

I wouldn’t worry about that, I do that when i’m awake πŸ˜‚

jojokarak in reply to Hidden

Hahaha them convos are the best... I not sure if I talk in my sleep because I refuse to sleep in bed with my hubby πŸ˜‚


I dont have nightmares, but do have vivid dreams. Could be about anything and often wake up and feel as though I am awake but actually am asleep, as hours pass very quickly.

It seems to effect a few of us I wonder if it a particular drug?

Yours sound nasty so I hope thy stop soon


jojokarak in reply to david5354

I going to ask I in clinic in a few weeks I will let you know what they say 😁

david5354 in reply to jojokarak


Hi JoJo, I've been having dreams too, They have been absolutely terrifying, vivid and hard to forget when I was in hospital- to the point where I didn't know what's real but with time they became more rare. I still talk to myself at nights though. I hope you'll push through it- you'll adjust to meds and this will all pass. Take care x

jojokarak in reply to Pizamkazdw

I 2 years post so I definitely used to the drugs just not the paralysis I have at night x

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