Sick note signing in!

😷 so I'm thinking I need to start wearing a mask....not fullfaced, just the kind for my mouth! So I woke up Tuesday feeling a bit heady, as the weeks progressed I am full on cold, sore and itchy ears, sore throat and sound like I have smoked 40 a day....🙄 So I have emailed the TX team to see if I need to be suspended off the list until I am better.... anyone got any tips of getting better quick? I have no appitite which is going to really please the doctors....drinking plenty though and have lots of fruit on standby!

I hope your all ok...xx

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  • hi Chelli

    what a horrible time to catch a bug and feel so rotten,,dont have a cure for you ,,just wrap up warm ,,,,,fluids plenty of and fruit is great especially if you can juice it ,,,,yes maybe let your TX team know about your wellbeing,,other than that get back to your normal self ,,,,lookforward to a good xmas and hope Santa is good to you ,,All the best Matt x x

  • Do you know how much I love my juicer? I am a fan of a liquid diet - I don't seem to fit proper food in so I am a juicing queen - any excuse to use it.

    Merry Christmas to you and I hope you get spoilt x

  • Day time TV was rubbish - I did the re-run of friends...I had lots of juice inside me and soup so think I kept up with the vitamins I needed. Probably in took more calories yesterday than normal. Lots of good luck to you.

  • My understanding is that any kind of cough or cold will prevent transplantation. Not sure if you're on priority listing, I was, and didn't take any risks. Wore a mask when I had to go into public, this time of year is easier because you can cover it with one of those Buff face scarfs. I avoided anyone with a cold, and never went to the GP surgery.

    This might not be practical if you're not on priority because it could be over a year, but do what you can.

    You should deffo inform the TX team, they'll advise you on what to do now.

  • My cold/cough and or sore throat don't cause me to come off the list, nor does it prevent tx, which is a comforting thought. I have to go to the GP on a monthly basis for weight and bloods - I shall invest in a mask!

    Thank you x

  • Hi Chelle , oh no , well there isn't much you can do . Apart from total rest . Drink plenty of fluids , keep warm etc . You won't feel like eating Hun , your doing all the right things , f maybe by tomorrow there is no improvement give your dr a call , as it may be you have a throat infection . Yes you did the right thing telling the tx team , fingers crossed you will be better soon hunni .. With Xmas nearly here too is a bit of a bummer but it will be gone by then . You rest up ! Take care .. Linda xxx🌺

  • I am feeling better today...I spelt yesterday and plan on having a half day at work today so will sleep a bit then too...

    I need to be well I have important things going on :-) lol.

    Hope your ok.


  • Oh that's good to hear ! I'm ok .. Just off to the Drs as we speak ! LFT results and seeing him about my vit d deficiency . I have sooo much to do ! Where is the time going lol .. You take care chelle .. Chat soon xxx

  • You know the kind of friends you want are the ones that say wrap up warm, drink lots and vegetate! So I am doing just that. I'm not priority at least I've not been told I am and I am sure if I were I would have been informed so for now I will keep as well as possible (first cold in three years.....not doing too bad..) xx

  • Hi there's no treatment for a cold ,just time till it clears up stay warm n try n get some soup down you if possible,n obviously all the others that we do when we're il ,look after yourself I don't think it's s concern for the Tx team as you,ve said before you could be waiting a while n you've not long been put on the list , all the best

  • I know your right - and also about the tx team - the said regardless of cold/sore throat I am still good on the active list.

  • Itchy ears......weirdo!

    Your body is the only thing that can fix itself, normal remedies just mask the symptoms, although for relief Vicks vapour rub, olbus oil on the pillow, plenty of good honey, honey is great stuff as has antibacterial properties, I can't mix it with lemon as that sends my liver into orbit, but if you can drink honey and lemon. Plenty of vitamin c. Just be thankful it isn't man flu 😜 that is a recognised disease you know!

    Hope you feel better soon x

    Gareth 'all I want for Christmas is a bigger brighter tutu'

  • Ha what do you mean weird? have you never had itchy ears? I tried the honey and lemon thing with hot water and that's just not nice - I just can't cope with it. I have those effervescent vitamin c tablets that I am drinking, eating oranges - I am sure I will have orange skin soon - better than being yellow!

    I don't have man flu - just bird flu, however I am in work today - fighting like a trooper..

    I hope you get a tutu for Christmas...well I don't I hope you get a new liver I know that's all I want!!


  • I did the honey and lemon but thanks to a billary duct restriction, it made me feel pretty rubbish, so have to watch the ol lemon. This will be the kiss of death for me, but I haven't been ill for ages.......waits for a sniff and a cough!! My other half has just had a pretty nasty one after the flu jab, I managed to dodge that one. I have the pneumonia jab coming up next week, so see how that goes.

    Sometimes there is something to be said for just taking a man up pill and getting on with it, I can't bear just wasting time at home, my other half is dreading post transplant recovery, I think I'm going to get into trouble!

    So here is where I'm at, I really want to enjoy a relaxed Christmas with my daughter, she is only 4 and this time is what is important to me, I don't want her to relate this time with daddy being in Hospital, I am pretty stable at the moment, certainly not getting any better, if I was to get the call I wouldn't hesitate to go in, but in my heart I want to be at home.

    The juicing thing is going to be a great way of getting all those vitamins and minerals, I just find some of them can be an acquired taste!

    Just out of interest did you hear back from the transplant team? what did they say?

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Gareth 'does my bum look big in this tutu' x

  • Hi Chelle

    hope you feel better soon, a really good source of vitamin c is parsley , you could make up some parsley water and sip it , will keep in the fridge for a week, add a bit of juice if you don't like the taste😊 X

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