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CMV infection in liver transplant patients


Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I am 5.5 months post transplant and have D+R- CMV (so I got CMV with my dear liver). I have been taking Valganciclovir for prevention for more than 3 months and have recently stopped advised by my doctor. Within one week of stopping, I have developed a cold sore under my nose (which is a normal site for me) and I am a bit concerned that if this virus reactivated, CMV may do so too. I will call my team tomorrow to ask for advice but was wondering whether anyone else has some experience in the topic? Would be grateful and many thanks for help!

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CMV infection post transplant is quite a common subject that pops up on here. If you type CMV into the Search British Liver Trust box at the top right of your screen you should bring up many pages of chat about the issue. Certainly some of our members have had their CMV re-occur post initial treatment. You can check up the other threads as mentioned.


Great, thank you, will do :)

Hi I had raised CMV levels post tx but these settled down and I’ve had no problems


This is good to hear Isabelle, thank you :)

Sometimes it might not be you but your transplanted liver even if the donor has had it & cleared it, it can be dominant & transplant can kick it off again. Thankfully hubby's new liver & himself never had it & hoping it doesn't appear

Hope you feel better soon

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And let it stay this way! Thank you for help Adelou

You might want to try here for support:

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Thank you for this Osidge :)

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