Hubby has started to get a very swollen scrotum 'scrotum oedema' it's called apparently.

Anyone had this problem? If so how did you relieve it? Or make things more comfy? It's quite painful to walk for him.

He has a lot of fluid inboard at the moment anyway. Drains are just getting harder as the ascetis is all 'pocked' due to many drains and SBP scarring.

Thank you.

Poppy. Xx

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  • Poor chap, not something we've experienced however we were told it was something to look out for and doctors often ask.

    There is a support pouch available that can aid movement whilst suffering from scrotal oedema because it is still really important to get up and about otherwise the oedema will continue to grow, movement will help.

    I don't know whether you'd be able to obtain the support on the NHS or whether it would have to be a private buy but it's at:-

    Doing the sizing and fitting could give you both a chuckle. :)

    All the best, Katie

  • I know it's really not nice he's shuffling around with his legs as far apart as possible.makes me cringe!!:(

    Lol. I will have a look and ask the doc tomorrow.

    Thank you. X

  • Hi

    My husband and hasn't suffered from this but has suffered from severe odeama and Aceitis and unable to have a drainice due to pockets.

    His diuretics were doubled and bloods checked weekly to ensure sodium levels were stable and that helped enormously.

    Weeing a lot but can cope with that!!!

  • Thank you. The annoying thing is Hubby is allergic to spironolactone and fursomide hits his kidneys hard. Frustrating isn't it. How your hubby's doing okay and good luck with the assessment. Hubby is under Birmingham and the whole team is fantastic. Xx

  • Poor man xx

  • Awe that's a shame. Hope they find a solution for him.

  • I had that. One of the worst symptoms of cirrhosis, it was disabling and completely humiliating. I believe mine was caused by a small hernia that was caused by the ascities. The only thing that relieved this for me was transplant.

    I also had some embarrassing issues with spironolactone as this can have some nasty side effects on men, such as gynecomastia.

    Everything eventually got back to normal after transplant.

  • What did you if anything do to give some comfort?

    He says moving is agony and can barely shuffle now?


  • Unfortunately there's nothing i know about besides diuretics.

  • hi Rodeojoe,,this happened to me and yes it was furisamide which eventually work and things went back to normal ,,its not nice atall

  • Yes, these 'embarrassing' issues that can affect us men aren't generally discussed, because they are, well,.... embarrassing.. Like many I suppose, I had strange symptoms but thought I was alone as us blokes don't tend to talk about them.

  • Hi Poppy

    My husband experienced this when he was first diagnosed very painful and uncomfortable. At the time he was prescribed diuretics . Baths helped as did sitting under a cushion. Thankfully it only lasted a week or so 😳

    Did your husband get listed ? X

  • Thank you. Not yet hopefully will be just b4 Christmas. Waiting for results from his Heart MRI. X

  • Hope it all goes well xx

  • Ouch !! I suffered from severe odeama and aceitis but not there thankfully. sending wishes for a resolution, must be horrible.

  • Thank you. It really is horrible.

  • Sounds like its just another symptom of this horrible condition he will have to deal with. :( x

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