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I had a routine blood test last week as I have ongoing medical issues,. I have posted before and explained my bowel perforated two years ago and has left me with damage to the bowel. The main reason for blood tests is to check the inflammatory markers,. Crp etc but this was fine as was my full blood count etc. In fact everything was good except ALT/ALP which were 229 and 370. Around the time I had the blood test I was feeling unwell and had had upper abdomen pain to the right - --I have gallstones so I put it down to that and the doctor agrees it could be the cause of these elevations. All the other LFT I had taken billirubin albumin etc were normal

Obviously I'm devastated,. My health has been wrecked by the surgery that resulted in my bowel perforating and I have had constant problems since,. I had a high ggt a few months back but ultrasound of liver was normal ( but gallstones were found ) .

Anyone else had this please and can anyone offer reassurance please ?

Thank you

( I am overweight and drink alcohol occasionally - odd glass of wine only)

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My levels are high and have been for years, ALP and GGT over 300, ALT goes up and down currently slightly over range.

Just had a letter from my con this morning saying latest scan normal so they assume nothing wrong.

Not sure that helps you but raised levels aren't necessarily a sign of something bad going on.

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Thank you for your reply Bantam12 for your reassuring reply. I had the blood test redone and had results today. The ALT is now normal and the ALP 212. So good news but still doesn't explain why. I made the mistake as well if googling ALP and it's also an enzyme found in small bowel - well on the basis I have a problem with my small bowel, could this be the cause,

This is where I should leave the doctoring to the doctors. I have to have the blood test redone next week.

Thanks again


I have no explanation either and because the basic tests are normal nothing more is done. As I have ulcerative colitis it's possibly connected as in Sclerosing Cholangitis but scan and antibodies are ok. ALP can also relate to bone problems so several possibilities. Hopefully your levels will normalise and you won't need further tests. All the best.


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