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High ALP, GGT and ALT numbers climbing


Hi, I was having bathroom issues and was in the process of scheduling a colonoscopy when it was discovered I had high ALP 205 and marginally elevated ALT of 54. I stopped all alcohol intake and been monitoring my blood work. It's been 2 months and ALP is now 347, ALT 92 and GGT 203. After a few scans it was discovered I have a big polyp in my gallbladder. Colonoscopy was fine other than a small polyp was removed. Looks like I may have to get my gallbladder removed. Has anyone had a similar experience or going through the same? What has me concerned is the rising ALP, ALT and GGT.

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Hi arctic1962,

These are questions you should ask your doctor or his office.

We have not had gallbladder issues so no idea about what might be needed - often things are left as is unless a problem arises.

Best wishes,


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I have been consulting with docs and specialists. It seems the thing to do at this time is to remove the gallbladder and do a biopsy of my liver. The ultrasound and MRI looks good other than the polyp. I found many instances where a polyp can be removed and the Gallbladder function is preserved but they don't do that around here for some reason. A specialist yesterday said the high ALP AST and GGT is unlikely related to the polyp which has me concerned. So far I have no answers as to what might be going on.



Your symptoms sound similar to mine! I too had polyp removed from my gallbladder In 2005. My gallbladder was then removed due to multiple gallstones late 2015. I've had UTI infections since 1994 with two bladder stretch operations with numerous antibiotics to keep the re occuring infection from flaring up.

Last July after route blood tests due to feeling shitty blood tests, ECG etc were carried out. The following day my blood test results had come through and I was called back to see my doctor. i informed that my GGT and AMA readings had increased since the year before which did return almost back to normal. For the last 6 months I've had regular monthly blood tests which so far are indicating that I may have PBC. However Im now undergoing further tests to confirm its PBC or another liver disease . Im informed my autoimmune system is being attacked by something.

Ive recently had a colonoscopy and cystscopy due to loose stools. Both clear. I do suffer with discomfort under my right and left rib cage plus on and off pains in my back legs and feet I did however have another polyp removed from my uterus last November. Im 66 and did class myself as fit and farly active for my age and was still working until last August.

Im a non drinker, slightly over weight by a couple of stone which I'm addressing by eating healthy and going to the gym again.

I saw the liver consultant in December who said I may have PBC based on my symptoms and blood test. On the 23rd of this month I'm having a fibroscan and possibly an MRI of my bile duct afterwards.

Yesterday after my first day of being good after the naughty Christmas beinge I've now started feeling not myself again. Itchy skin has returned along with dry mouth and a mild headache which I never suffer with since giving up tea and coffee 36 years ago which brought on serious migraine attacks. I've now noticed that my right eye is becoming fairly dry and slightly blurred in the morning . I do wear contact lenses and have done for over 30 years but I'm now finding more lubrication is required.

I'm no doctor and presently waitibg to find out what is exactly wrong with me! I have appoitment to see the liver consultant again On the 19th of March.

Can I wish you all the best and hopefully you'll get a diagnoses soon.

Does anyone out there have PBC with similar symptoms?

Regards Slaines

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Thanks for sharing but my situation is different than yours. I'm worried about my liver function because there is no explanation so far. I feel good and have no other symptoms other than the bathroom issue and some discomfort when I eat. That is likely related to the gallbladder. I thought the high ALT,ALP and GGT were related to the gallbladder but according to a surgeon yesterday it might be a different problem all together. I just don't know what to make of it.

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Hopefully your consultant will be able to give you some comfort very soon! My issues have been on for years but did start with my gallbladder early on 2000 ! I was extremely fit then and I class myself as fit now as I'm active !

Good luck !,

Hi arctic1962, did you manage to get to the bottom of this then?

Actually I was diagnosed with PBC and am taking Ursidiol for the rest of my life. Alt, ast, alp, ggt all high. Also affected are neutrophils, lymphocytes and monocytes but only off by about 30%. Gallbladder was removed and what was thought to be a 1.2cm polyp was just a slight deformity I like was born with. Having the gallbladder out further complicated things for me but manageable. I’ve had an MRI, CAT scan, fibroscan , ultrasound and today a chest X-ray due to this chronic cough I’ve developed. Lost 30lb in 5 month and eating more than I feel like really just to try and keep wait on. I still feel energetic and play hockey 3 times a week although I run out of energy by the end of the game more than I used to. Everyone is scratching their head a little including me.

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