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Hi All, new here, I'm beside myself with worry, August 2015 I had a liver test and it came back fairly high, can't remember numbers exactly but about 6 times higher for GGT and elevated for the others as above in my subject, I got pregnant and they did another test where the levels seemed to be coming down, I have since had the baby and gone back to have another test done, results came back much worse my results are as follows

GGT 404 ALP 334 ALT 94 AST 47

I'm 37 and prior to having 2 kids I was a competitive cyclist and very fit and healthy, I don't drink or smoke and reasonably well, I guess I'm trying to get some reassurance that things will be ok, I have my specialist appointment in 2 weeks and I am going to worry the whole time until I get some answers

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Dear Kathyrn1979,

I also had very high numbers (GGT=775, ALP = 550, ALT = 450) about a year ago but my numbers have come down now for no known reason and my Fibroscan scores have also come down (I don't drink or smoke and am quite fit, as well). What I'm trying to say is that there is absolutely no point in worrying about all this because what will be will be, and you may not necessarily have a poor prognosis. I spent loads of time searching the internet and worrying myself sick and none of this worrying mattered in the end. In my case the doctors are still not sure what is wrong but whatever it is, it doesn't appear to be life-threatening at the moment and I've just learned to live with it and I'm quite happy in my life. Put your energies into something that will enhance your life and try to forget about all this.

Thank you, I have my ultrasound tomorrow so I hope that comes back clear for starters then specialist in 2 weeks to get results, thanks for your reply :)

I also have high enzyme levels, been like that for years and no cause found despite all the tests including a biopsy, so I now ignore them. Like tinypixie says no point in worrying until you know you have something definite to worry about 😋

Kathryn1979 in reply to bantam12

Thank you, I have my ultrasound tomorrow so I hope that comes back clear for starters then specialist in 2 weeks to get results, thanks for your reply :)

Hope it goes well ☺

Have they done all other possible tests for autoimmune conditions, as well as for all possible liver conditions - autoimmune and others? They should be testing and ruling things out. Do you have any symptoms, like tiredness, itching, aching joints ... anything? If it persists I think they should offer you a liver biopsy, so they can check what is going on at a cellular level. Hope you get some answers!

I have been tired but I figured that was due to having 2 kids under 2, my body has been achy but only when I do physical work & again I figured it was because I was pregnant or tired post pregnancy, I have had itchy shins for a long time but the Dr said that was just from dry skin & I need to moisturise, I am getting a scan today and specialist in a couple of weeks so hopefully they do more tests then

Look on my other threads about how to approach your Consultant. He/she will not tell you anything. You really have to ask for every little titbit of information. Be prepared and take a companion with you who is prepared to also fight your corner. You have concerning lft results but they are YOUR results, specific to you. No-one else will have the same results and same story to tell as you. Ask questions, don’t be afraid of Consultants. They go to the toilet just like you do!, Only your Consultant can help you with Your results. We can only suggest, advise, commiserate, or smile with you. And we will, but we cannot do for you, what you need to do for yourself.

Hi Kathryn1979, just wanted to ask how it is ended up with yours elevated enzymes? I am from Holland and new here, my blood test results almost exactly as yours. Worry myself sick, my test for autoimmune hepatitis and pbc going to be ready end of the week.

Ultrasound and fibroscan came back clear.

Ai1601 in reply to Belgium22

Hi, how did it go?

Belgium22 in reply to Ai1601

Pbc, possible overlap AIH. This is result from biopcy, got it just 2 days ago. Took 5 month to be diagnosed.

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