Lung nodules

My mapping for the y 90 treatment to the encapsulated liver tumor was set back. First they want another ct scan to determine if the two new nodules on my lungs are cancerous tumors too. Things are not looking too sunny right now. I am not happy to go along with lung cancer treatments. Thats a lot of recovery for someone who has nearly died from liver disease 3 times. They are doctors, its instilled in them to save lives but at what cost of suffering to the patient? I have seen many people get treated of cancer only to die shortly there after and miserably because their neurological systems are so damaged from chemo drugs or radiation. I have known two people to die of cancer untreated and they died very quietly and at home. I prefer that to all this drama. Anyone been treated for lung cancer with liver cancer here? Thank you.

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  • Sorry to hear things aren't good. Sorry I can't offer any advice but wishing you well, it sounds like you have overcome so much, keep strong x

  • Thank you

  • Hi catfish.

    Have been thinking about you,, Things dont sound too good , im sorry you are going through this, just when you get over one obstical another one comes along for you,wish i had a magic wand for you..I cant help you on your question but what i can say is you are such an amazing strong lady, You do what your body is telling you to do.

    A freind has cancer (not the one you have) and is a hospital bed right now , they have given him all sorts of treatment when first diagnosed and nothing worked , and because his immune system is low through chemo ,he ended up with an infection and was really rough, they wanted to try him on different treatment and he decided along with his family that no treatment has worked and he didnt want to go through it all again with a different treatment to find out it might not work either, since he has stopped all treatment he is as well as he could be and has complete peace and in no pain, because his family are christians the family have turned to pray for his healing.

    Sending you loads of hugs..


  • I find what you stopped for to share to try to help, indeed very helpful. Thank you for caring. Means so much to me. Aloha

  • your very welcome sweet lady... I hope what ever you decide to do that you know first and foremost we love you :) Your like a sister..:X

  • stupid red

  • Hi Catfishjumping, I haven't spoken to you before. Only recently joined up.

    Thinking of you and sending you good wishes x

  • sorry CatFish. It never ever seems to end for you. Your a strong 💪🏻 and very brave lady. I think you will know your decision. See if anyone has the experience (I'm sorry i can't help on this one) and make your own mind up. I think of you often and I'm devastated crap keeps getting thrown your way. Stay strong sweet. In my thoughts. ❤ xxx

  • hello catfish. Been thinking of you since I've not saw any posts from yourself. You are an inspiration on what you're going through. My heart goes out to you, never giving up, always looking on the bright side.I hope whatever you decide to do I know you will give it 100%. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this hard and horrible stage after everything that you have been through........Good luck on whatever you choose to do ......Maria x

  • Hi catfish .. I am recently new on here . Couple of weeks . I'm so sorry to hear things are not good . I wished I could help you , my dad had lung cancer . Had his whole left lung removed in December 2012 . By May 2013 the cancer we thought was no longer there had spread to his brain , sorry if this is too much for you but I wanted to put across that he had to stop enjoying the life he was living . No drinking alcohol , packing up smoking . Pre op Physio . To go through a long long line of tests and a big operation on a man aged 77 . To have the last few months of his life drugged yo and in pain .. Worse than that when he no longer was able to speak after having Multiple fits .. If I had known then on diagnosis he would have to go through all that , I would have said no . To allow him to live out his last year enjoying what he could while he was able to . I really hope something can be done for you . Sending my best wishes to you .. Linda ❤️

  • You really have helped. Thank you for sharing.

  • So sorry to hear about recent developments Catfish. It gets to the point in everybody's life when it's quality not quantity.

    You know your own body and what you want to tolerate. That is the only decision to make.

    My Mom died a couple of months ago. I had to make the decision for her to stop medication. Very hard decision to make but really only one outcome. The journey to that outcome is what counts.

    I'm not saying give up because I don't think that's in your nature. Make sure you are comfortable with whichever decision you make.

    I hope when I die, I die with dignity and peace. That's all we can wish for.

    Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs.

    Berties xxx

  • Catfish, Nothing has been confirmed. The ct scan not yet done. Please look after yourself. Comfort and be kind to yourself. One step at a time x

  • Stay hopeful and strong as you can, I know it isn't easy but try the treatments they offer or a clinical trial if no options left. In my thoughts and prayers here. Let us know what's going when you can.

  • Hi Catfish, I understand completely what you are saying and I commend your bravery. I like to feel if and when the time comes that I have to make that decision that I will decide the same. I watched one of my best friends battle with cancer for twelve years, she had op after op and each time thought she'd beaten it only for it to return somewhere new. One of the chemo sessions caused an allergic reaction and paralysed her for the rest of her time but still she fought on. It was heartbreaking to watch her and her family go through all that for her to lose her battle after such a fight. I vowed then that I wouldn't put my family or myself through that and hope that I have the courage to do so.

    You have my total support, for what it's worth but I really hope it doesn't come to that. Good luck brave lady X

  • Thanks for your story and honesty.

  • Hi Cathy . Just reading your post . I had the same experience with my dad . If I had known what he had to go through all the tests the operation to remove His lung at the age of 77 . Only for it to spread to the brain 5 months later . I would never have made him go through that . I wished I had left it so at least he could have enjoyed what time he had and not a miserable existence of 14 months .

  • Oh Hun. Sending love. You are always so helpful when someone else asks a question so I really hope you get some comfort from some replies here. Xxx

  • Hi, I've been thinking about you , sorry to read your post , sending you lots of love, prayers and strength 😊✨✨✨✨✨✨

  • Hi catfishjumping

    I recently had a scan that showed nodules on my lungs some bigger that others. I had another x Ray last week as I am still breathless

    I am 63 and would not like to be kept alive suffering. When my late father was put in hoist he said 'you wouldn't keep a dog alive'.

    Keep in touch


  • Hi Nicola , sorry to hear about your recent results . I hope that things do not get any worse for you , I did reply to catfish regarding my own experience with my dad .. I would not wish what my dad went through on anyone . Of course he was a lot older at 77 . And I know not everyone has the same outcome like my dad . Wearer happens and whatever you decide I am sending you my best wishes . Sorry to hear of your own father as I know how you feel .. Linda

  • I have a couple of spots in my lungs but they haven't grown at all since they were first spotted on a CT about 5 years ago so yours may turn out to be nothing.

    If they do need treatment depending on their size they could be ablated. There is a fair few people in my fb group who's liver cancer has spread to their lungs,and they have been treated successfully either with RFA or surgery.

    Don't give up yet just look at it as another blip on the road.

    Btw talking of roads I went for a 10 mile bike ride the other night and thought of you :)

    The scenery round here isn't quite as nice as Hawaii but the coast line is ok :)

  • Thank you. Your note helps, it makes me happy to hear about your bike ride. Aloha

  • Sending you very special healing and wellness from down in the Sth Pacific, aka New Zealand... Soooze

  • All this is so difficult a thing to face but you are facing it with great courage and grace. I only have experience of my mother who was 'given' chemo and radiotherapy by a very zealous teaching/research hospital. I was very young then but looking back I think/know it would have been kinder to let her rest and not put her through all those treatments. They did extend her life by a short while but at a great cost to her. Keeping you in my thoughts, I hope this is not a decision you will have to make, you've come through so much already xxxxx

  • Sorry to hear this catfish; i very much hope these nodules are non cancerous! You are a great inspiration; wishing you the best, xx

  • How are you today?

  • I am okay. Its just a highly emotional time for me right now but I am doing ok with everything being hurled at me. I did exercise either cycling or hoop dancing 8 hours last week. So thats good. I get depressed when I cannot get enough exercise. Aloha

  • How are you today? Nicky

  • Hi, hi, dear Catfish, after the lung results You will know more. My good friend has lung tumor, and she said, there are many-many fantastic new kind of treatments, really big overturn in medicine lately, don't decide too quickly. The YES can always be changed to NO, the reverse is havier. And one more thing: Do never feel alone in Your pains and fight, at any moment, here we are all thinking strongly and with so much love of You. I send You big bags of power of soul, and I'm sure You'll have better days then now. Let it be so, Sunshine! Hugs, plenty of: G

  • Thank you for your supportive cheerful note. I have not quit cycling and hula hoop dancing. Both are exremely strenous. I got in 8 hours last week! That felt fantastic. Some days are good still, others I feel so forlorn I almost cannot stand being in my own mind and body. I have much to be thankful for, I have things still going for me, like my cycling, ability to eat well and process the foods I eat; I do not have many sufferings that I could have like H E. I think anxiety and fear are knocking me about right now and taking up too much space in my brain. Its a shock, the lung nodules. I will soon know what that is about. Its good to know the treatments have improved. This gives me new hope. I will try to work with that. Maybe it will quiet some of my anxiety and fear. Thank you for thinking of me. Aloha

  • Dear Cathy, I'm so happy with the good news about Your everyday life last time, it's such a gift really, count theese aspects when fear arrives. In my country medcare has not much money, but in spite of that lately I see wanders in cancer treatment, two younger colleagues and a near 70 friend. It's hard, as the new problem arrived just when You thought the old will be solved, but maybe this music:

    I love Savall, once I could attend a concert, it was fantastic.

    Take care, dear!

  • Yet another dilemma for which I can totally relate to. Having spent the last couple of weeks reading up on the treatment for lung cancer following my mums diagnosis, I don't think it would be for me. As you rightly say, it is instilled in doctors to save lives....but at what cost to the patient...more suffering?

    I am filled with dread about my mum starting chemo on Friday but that was her choice which I must respect. I don't know how she will respond to treatment but I will certainly update you.

    You're one very wise lady xxx

  • I hope your mum surprises everyone and responds remarkably. Is her chemo systemic or will it be injected via an artery to her tumors? By next week we will know what is next on the agenda for me. I was doing fantastic until about 4 months ago, seems far longer though because I have hit the stage in my disease where my life is enveloped by doctors treating tumors so they can possibly transplant. Its very hard to decide to treat or not. Everyone believes in fighting cancer, not living with it but now it seems if I continue that route I will soon die from liver failure. Its hard for me to phathom that getting injected with chemo or radioactive beads in 3 tumors, one liver, 2 lung, one large, lung ones quite small will not cause my liver to shut down. I have been living with the liver cancer 2&1/2 years. I suppose I fear making a choice that will give me a harder existence and rob me from my one joy, cycling. I would like very much to keep up with how your mum is doing. I wish her the very best response to her chemo. Aloha

  • I couldn't agree with you more, I think the greatest fear is in making the decision whether to have treatment or not as none of us can predict the outcome of this, or know if it will rob you of precious time that could've been spent more peacefully. It really is the unknown. I know my mum had mixed feelings about it but when told she had only a matter of weeks without treatment she made the decision to go for it. The SCLC is an extremely aggressive fast spreading cancer and the chemo is also aggressive. It's a combination of 2 drugs given intravenously, normally radiotherapy is also used on the brain since the cells break away from the lungs and travel to the brain and bones but are still classed as lung cancer cells and not secondaries. Unfortunately, my mum can't have the radiotherapy as she had radiotherapy on her brain last year after having her eye removed as a result of cancer. Apparently to give this treatment again would cause brain damage. We were told that the lung cancer is not related in any way to her eye cancer, she has just been extremely unlucky to develop two primary cancers. The one thing I have stressed to my mum is that she can stop treatment at any point...I think it's important that she feels in control of that.

    You are in my thoughts, you must be feeling weary of it all, sometimes it just feels like one hurdle after another doesn't it? I will keep you updated on my mums progress with the chemo. In the meantime, keep enjoying what you love the most, cycling.

    In my thoughts xxxx

  • Thank you for being so kind. Aloha

  • How are things today Catfish? Sending more aroha (NZ native word for love) and another one, Kia Kaha (stay strong---I trained for Ironman ten years ago, then developed Breast Ca, I had lots of wishes from friends saying this ..:) Soooze

  • Things are ok. I flip flop emotionally but maybe I am a bit more steady. I am to the bit with this disease where its clear all I will do in my future is fight to live. I treasure every second my mind forgets this. I have moments, sometimes minutes where I forget and only feel alive. They are rare so they really stand out. I try to get out everyday into our sunlight on the island. Some days I can ride hours and that is my joy. We have a large hill overlooking a tremendous bay Waimea Bay that I climb going and coming on my trek. Its difficult but I never dismount. Its the best feeling to arrive at the top of it then I get to fly down it probably 25 or 30 miles an hour. To return home I must climb it again, I just do it one pedal stroke at a time. I am deeply thankful to still be able to. I think mostly I fear losing this one love in my life. My heart goes out to all bound in this struggle.

  • Auroha kia kaha is that right? I saw Australia, 5 months on a sheep farm. Would love to see NZ

  • Aroha is love and Kia Kaha is stay/be strong...:)

  • Very Hawaii sounding. Maori are your indigenous people right? Interesting.

  • Yes and their legend says that "Maui' fished NZ out of the sea, that their people travelled by waka, ( canoe), from Hawaii to NZ.. how about that :)

  • Fascinating anytime tell me more. The Maori are astonishing people

  • Sending best wishes and positivity to you, and thank you for the support you give to everyone on the forum,


  • Thank you very much. ❤️

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