Newly diagnosed cirrhosis

Hi guys,

My dad (63 years old) has recently been diagnosed with cirrhosis. He has been in the hospital for 30 plus days and now he has ascites (tap done today), HE (started yyesterda- only one dose of lactulose given) and failing kidneys. He is stable enough for dialysis. And will be starting that soon. I am only 26 years old and scared. I don't want anything to happen to my dad.

A little background cirrhosis was discovered through gallbladder removal but there was a bile leak which led to sepsis and then this precipitated cirrhosis symptoms. The wbc count is stabilized and dad is on the normal floor. Just weak and in pain.

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  • In our thoughts. Don't give up hope . Most of us here have been in similar circumstances with family members. There is never an easy answer but just know that this forum & it's members are always here & ready to listen. xx

  • Thank you! I really appreciate it.

  • Everything you just described I just went through with my dad (63 years old too). Please let me know if you have ANY questions. I obviously can't answer them medically speaking as this is a case by case thing and varies from person to person. But I would be happy to share my own experience. Does he live alone? Do you have brothers or sisters?

  • Since the diagnosish e has been in the hospital. These symptoms are all new to him and us. The doctors are giving him dialysis which is helping him a lot. So it's a really slow recovery and hepatologist is saying he is looking a lot better. I have three brothers and my Mom has been literally living in the hospital. It has been 30 plus days so far.

  • How is he? I'm glad to hear he is stable enough for dialysis. My dad was not and he went to a second hospital to see if they would try. And they said they would but it didn't work. He was too ill at this time. Hope your dad is ok! How is his mood?

  • His mood is better. He is medically better but he is tired and wants to give up. My mom and brothers are trying to encourage him. My mom has been literally living in the hospital everyday with him.

  • Your mom needs a break! She is prob very very tired. Do they see him getting out of the hospital?

  • They want to put him in rehab first.

  • Just wanted to update y'all! So after a long recovery. My dads lab values for his liver is finally normal. No noted as ascites or HE. The kidneys still has not kicked in and he will be in dialysis. But after 60plus days he can finally be discharged from the hospital.

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