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Mass in the liver

Hello, my husbands CT scan has revealed a 'mass' in his liver which is blocking the bile from draining away and he is yellow jaundice. The docs have said he has had Hep C at some point in his life and they waiting to see if he actually has it now. They said hep c patients are susceptible to liver cancer. What do you think the mass could be apart from a tumor?? Anyone?? Thank you x

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The good news is that if his Hep C is still active it can be treated by the new drugs which have a good success rate. The mass can be benign ( Non cancerous ) and until they,ve investigated further try not to worry yourself silly googling it, I did that. I was treated for Hep C and the consultant told me that the likelihood of me being more prone to liver cancer is only up by 5% from the normal population. The cancer marker which shows up in blood tests is called A.FP or Alfa Feto Protein. I know it,s easier said than done, but do try and wait for the facts. Kindest Regards anne.

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Ask if they will be doing an MRI for a more detailed image than the CT. An MRI can distinguish between tumours, cysts, lesions etc, and might come up with a clearer diagnosis. Or maybe he has a bile duct blockage which could indicate a different condition such as PBC or PSC, both autoimmune liver conditions that affect the bile ducts.


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