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Advice for cyst operation

I am having surgery in a few weeks for my polycystic liver. It is being done laparoscopically (keyhole) and they are going to take the tops off as many of my cysts as possible in the hope this will help with the pain I suffer from daily. I'm wanting advice about recovery time from those of you that might have had similar operations. I've been told to expect to be in hospital for 4-5days but I'm not sure about once I get home.

Thanks for reading.

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Do you mind me asking what pain these cysts cause? I had a liver Transplant and was told I have 2 cysts which are harmless (they were on the liver of the donor apparently ) They are nothing to worry about unless they grow "big" I was also told. I just wondered as I sometimes get pain in the liver area. Mainly when over induldging at my weekend treats. Sorry to reply with a "question". The answer to yours I am afraid I donot know. But keyhole operations are supposed to be quick, efficient and an in and out of hospital process. Good luck and keep us informed.

Thank you if you can help me with an answer !!!

Kind regards

Louise xxx


Hi Louise

I have 2 types of pain - stabbing in the back from one of my large cysts and then a nervy sensation under my left breast. I have too many cysts to count - my liver looks like a bunch of grapes!

I can't pinpoint anything that makes the pain worse apart from overdoing things.

I hope that helps.


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OMG and I am worrying about 2 cysts. Sorry ! Yes the stabbing in the back I get as well. Once again, I wish you all the best. Keyhole OP's seem to be the "thing" these days and I am sure will go through it with flying colours. Let us know please !

Louise xxx


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