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Frustrations update 2 cardiology

Hi all

Firstly I'm sorry that I only seem to whinge but just need to vent.

As Part of Hubbys assessment for transplant he was referred to cardiology for a stRess test etc at out local hospital. Initially I was under the impression that the QE would coordinate directly with the local hospital. Thought that was just common sense but couldn't have been more wrong a letter was sent to his GP to ask them to do it instead.

This letter was received and put on his records on 25/07. We are now the 20/09 and I found out it still hasn't been done!!!! Spoke to a lovely medical Secretary who said she would get it sorted today and call me back later.

I only find out the beginning of Sept that it was being sent to the surgery. I thought QE hadn't done it yet, or it had been lost in the post. Been annoying QE and cardiology for over a month and turns out it was closer to home all along. Even phoned the surgery and they said it had been done. Turns out that that referral was an urgent one for a drain!!!

I changed GPs there because the other one was just hardly there and too flaky. I'm regretting that decision now. We even saw new GP on 6/8 and I mentioned how important the cardiology referral was and how he won't be listed unless he has one.

I'm so annoyed with myself felt I could have done more. Maybe I should have pushed more or I don't know.

Going to find out the procedure for how letters are received and how GPs are notified.

I don't ask from a lot from the surgery but I thought they had a duty to do the best for their patients. Every day we have to wait means more risk of infection, risk of muscle wastage, HE, drains list goes on but I don't need to tell you guys that.

I don't want to change surgery again as it would be too unsettling for Hubby. He thinks that they are doing it on purpose to hurt him 😩😩. Heart breaking for me cos he is so vulnerable.

There is no good excuse for this and I will take it further. I just want him to be given the best chance he can to have a new chance at life.

Starting to feel jinxed.

😞😞 just want to spend spare time chilling and doing things with Hubby not dealing with this rubbish.

Keep fighting everyone.


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Surgery got back to me. Apparently the GP assumed his Gastro consultant would have done it. Didn't even have the decency to apologise in person. At least I can get the letter now to book an appointment.


How are things with you now poppy? I,ve been thinking of you both. anne x x

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Aww thank you. We saw Hubby's consultant yesterday in Birmingham and he isn't happy about the referral screw up at all. Mainly because it may delay listing decisions for another 3 months!!!!

However he's going to 'call in a favour' with a cardiologist he has known for years at our local hospital. Good guy nice to have someone fight for us.

Hubby's had a cold so has been really fatigued the last few days but seems brighter this morning.

Just got to keep fighting and chasing everything.

How's everything with you?



Oh, I,m like the ever.ready bunny (well a very slow version) just keep diddling on like you do. Thank goodness Hubby has you to go into bat for him. Great that you finally have someone on side, that should make all the difference. hope you are taking time for yourself Poppy. All my best, anne x x x


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