Enlarged Spleen

I have an enlarged spleen since I was told last year. Went through Chemo for Ovarian cancer and finished treatment back in May. When I went through Chemo I was given carboplatin which gave me a dragging sensation below the ribs. Now I am thinking it could be the spleen. It comes and goes and is affected when I overexert myself. Just wondered if anyone could give me some advice on the spleen? I am seeing my liver specialist on Monday and will discuss. I also have portal hypertension for which I take carvedilol.

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  • HI

    I read you are already with a Liver doctor, thats great. He/she should be able to explain it to you, an enlarged spleen happens when Platelets get caught it in, the Platelets become mis-shapen as they pass through the damaged Liver sometimes. It comes with Liver disease like the portal hyper tension

  • My platelets are thrown into my spleen. Its larger than my liver and I have liver cancer. My spleen has been large for years. Try not to worry. There is an answer. Sorry I cannot help any more, not enough experience to.

  • The spleen is a store house for platelets necessary to form clots on cuts , and inside the body. If you have portal- hypertension is means that there is scarring around the portal vein as it enters the liver with incoming blood full of toxins including medications you are undertaking. Due to this restriction of blood flow the current of blood in backing up so to speak into the spleen, this blocks of the flow of enough platelets to provide sufficient clotting to occur. Whether or not this is due to the meds you were treated with is only speculation at this time until more invasive tests, biopsy , CT scan. contrasting dye ultrasounds etc. to have a closer look at the vascular network and the arterial network with the liver , and its link to pancreas , gall bladder and spleen. It may be possible that the chemo has temporarily damaged your liver around the portal vein. I am encouraging you to stay positive until you know for sure.

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  • Hi its have an enlarged spleen an portal h/tension I think it all goes hand in hand with liver damage over the years I'm on nothing for the spleen as my con sultana says there is nothing and propranolol for the portal which is a beta blocker which is meant to slow down the back pressure of blood to spleen where the liver can't deal with it as much hope this helps in some way bri

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