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years of pain!!!

hi, this is my first post on here so im hoping someone will read this and can help me as i am at my ultimate witts end!!

i am a 26 yr old female. im healthy and not overweight.

for he past 6 years, i have suffered with chronic bloating of the upper abdomen. it first started off when i ate a chicken burger one evening and i was in such pain that i went to the hospital. they tested my urine and blood pressure and said nothing was wrong, so sent me on my way.

over time i found that certain things i was eating e.g bread chicken nuggetts, crisps, pasta, my top abdomen would balloon up and i would be in serious agony for a couple of hours. i continued to visit my doctor who tested me for celiac, lactose, gluten etc which all came back negative. to help myself from the pain i cut out dairy bread etc and went gluten free for a long time.

then one afternoon after sunday lunch, the most severe, most horrendous stabbing shooting pain came across my right side just under my breast and across my abdomen ballooning me to the size of a six month pregnant women. it was so severe that i went to the hospital where i was examined nd then sent to see a consultant straight away. i had a scan done as they suspected gall bladder problems/stones. this came back that they were miniscule and not an issue. they gave me pain killers and sent me home the next day.

that was last year, since then iv still had continuos trips to the doctor who asked me to try different diets, different excercises, different tablets, i seen multiple doctors but i just get told that its my diet.

I am battling with anxiety alsoaround my health and have been called a hypochondriac but i just know 100% something isnt right!!

i went for another scan wednesday around my gall bladder, liver and upper abdomen, just for a check up so now am awaiting results but i just cannot take anymore of the bloating or agony im in.

please!! does anyone have any ideas or any help would be much appreciated.

love bebe xox

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Hi Bebe, its must be hideous having all that pain; i have similar pain since being in Hospital a few weeks ago; under both ribs, upper stomach and back; i wouldnt say im in agony, but i have it to some degree every day; usually more of a dull ache, occassional shooting pains; i also have bloating. Its odd how after all this time re yourself they dont seem to know whats going on. Im sure this latest scan you are having should hopefully answer what is wrong. Im still waiting for a scan and another test, 3 weeks after i left the Hospital; im not expecting it to materialise, knowing this Hospital/ admin/ things not done etc; so have asked for a referral to a Heptologist.

Re pain; i really dont know what advice to offer other than a hot water bottle for now, as you say you have tried different painkillers....i do know that diet is important in such matters.

All i take is occasional paracetamol for now, and must just wait. Sorry i cannot be of more help, but you should have answers soon as you have now had the scan.


Hi, you don't mention having had blood tests for liver function etc - but I would think those must have been done, yes? If tests plus your scan are all normal then it does sound food-related, especially if you don't feel ill in other ways such as fatigue/diarrhoea etc.

Sorry can't offer a more definite suggestion! But I do sympathize especially as I too have anxiety issues. It's the chicken and egg thing, isn't it!

Hope your scan results can throw some light. Good luck.


hi, yes multiple blood tests for everything. i get bad headaches and tired all the time. i dont suffer with diarrhoea but constipation instead, sometimes only going twice a week. iv tried softners and laxitives but nothing works.

thank you for your response, any help is greatly appreciated.xox

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I went through very similar and was eventually diagnosed with Haemochromatosis. You should insist on testing even if it's just to rule it out. Doctors believe it doesn't show up until menopause in women but research has shown symptoms much earlier that are discounted because of the medical professions erroneous beliefs. Good luck and I hope you find answers soon.


I also had similar symptoms suddenly and was eventually diagnosed with polycystic liver disease. This is a hereditary condition but materialised later due to hormone levels.

A scan would show this. There isn't much treatment, so I rely on very strong painkillers. You should ask your GP for some stronger painkillers if Paracetamol is not helping fully.

I also find lying on my side with a heat bag helps a lot.

I hope you get some answers soon.


Try asking for an MRI, if you have gallstones it could be that some of them have got into you biliary tree and causing problems. They wouldn't show on ultrascan but would do on an MRI.


Hi I had a friend with similar problems. A few tiny gallstones all else was normal. Eventually as she kept vomiting they took her to theatre. The problem was her gallbladder. Although nothing significant showed on all the tests, her gallbladder when removed was inflamed and shrivelled which didn't show up on the scan. Maybe you need to get a second opinion from a surgeon who specialises in upper gastric surgery. Good luck.


I had that for years and years I thought it was in my head. I used to be in so much pain. The stones never showed in the scans. Eventually a nurse saw a shadow , I loved having my gall bladder out it was such a relief the consultant told me it was like chopped liver , I did not have cholesterol stones but apatite crystals.

However I was never told to avoid fats as you will have great difficulty now I have fatty liver .

If it is not one of the other diseases and it is the tiny stones. Push for gall bladder removal change your diet fresh real food not nuggets - for a better future.


Thank you all for your kind words and advice. i have called the hospital this morning for results, spoke to three departments and no-one can find anything for me!!. i am now booked in with my gp again to request an mri.

fingers crossed!!



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