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Liver transplant approaching

Hi- I was born with BA having a Masai in 1985-and although I've had a relatively easy childhood health wise since 18 I've met my condition head on with portal hypertensions etc. Last week we saw Dr Ferguson at QE hospital Birmingham and he's said its time for a liver transplant which I totally was not ready to hear - I'm massively nervous and real frightened any help would be great

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I have just gone on the waiting list at Birmingham QE2 with portal hypertensions

The test and assessment days were tough but consider myself lucky for the a chance of getting a normal life back,

The first time it took a year to get the call, none of it is easy but the QE2 id a vary good hospital, look on the bright side.

I may well see you there

Good luck



What did you have to do on the assessment days?? Do you envisage a long wait before your transplant? I'm eager to be normal but can't help thinking about negatives, I'm trying hard not to but easier said than done


Lots of scans none of it was painful but the stress test was hard! I was a tiring two days

You meet the surgeon an every one involved and get a lot of reassurance just look on the bright side


I agree it is a stressful few days. I was quite ill and the fear of not getting on the list was immense. I guess there's never a right time to hear you're going to need a transplant, and it takes some time to get your head round it. When you do then you realise that it's the only way to get back on track with a decent quality of life.

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your all amazing on here ,,,,im 180 days off the booze ,,,,,6 to go till 6mths feel ok looked after by docs hepatologist etc just had lengthy ECG ,,,will push for a transplant Dr has already mentioned it ,,,all the best Matt


You are lucky to receive transplant gift of life I was told in July by my heptologist i had to have one, just came out of hospital kings college London after 4 day assessment I to am scared but being positive is a must good luck Annette


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