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High Ggt & alp

Hi, my Ggt level was 522, then 395 & now 387, & my alp was 216 then 267 & now dropping at 238. Does this mean I have cirrhosis? I'm under the dr & have had ultra sound which he says is abnormal but as expected. I've had a Dexta scan recently Which the dr needs to see me about too, turns out I had a fractured vertebrae beginning of the year..& signs of old fracture too. I used to drink nearly every day but have knocked that on the head. What does this mean for my future? Hope someone can help, I'm so worried.

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A year ago my ggt was 1600 and alt 1000 and the rest of them were also high. As of last week ggt 280 and alt 220. I have done all the tests however everything was negative.

I was always worried, so I done a biopsy which eased my mind even though I didn't get any answers it put my mind at ease and I stopped thinking I was dying

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Thanks for the reply roger, good to hear your results are dropping..I'm just worried that my Ggt is 387 & my apl is 238 I was told that these two results together mean cirrhosis..my other levels are ok. Just really worried bout the Ggt & apl. Glad your mind is at ease but don't think I could do a biopsy.


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