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Scan clear

Last week I received the news that my ultrasound didn't throw up anything at all - liver & gall bladder apparently looked normal and whilst I am happy about this result I still have this pain and burning sensation in the liver area radiating through to the back. I am seeing my gastroenterologist in about 3 weeks time so at least I can give her the scan result.

I am so grateful for all the support I received on this site whilst I was so scared waiting for my scan result. So many people with very serious illnesses who post on here seem to so gracefully deal with their very difficult health problems - it makes me feel very humble.I have never come across a web forum where there is so much empathy and help given to everyone who posts on here - I want to wish everyone on the journey to recovery from drinking or dealing with liver disease in one form or another all the best.

Thank you

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A really great positive post, look after your body and it will do its best by you, my liver has truly had enough of me, but I'm being as nice as I can to it, just got to rely on all his organ chums to give there best until the new boy liver comes to town!!


That's really good news about the scan!!I hope they get to the bottom of your pain for you. You're right in your opinion about this forum it has really helped me too, many delightful people with excellent knowledge it definately carries me through the darker times. All the best and keep us posted about your gastro appointment . 😃



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