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I found out 2 years ago i had gall stone and I have been in pain over 16 years, Now I am thinking it could have been my gallstone all along, I wake up usually at night and I feel sick, my upper abdomen feels like it's been in a punch up to find a better word, I get a fever and the pain is constant no matter how I sit, lie, towards the end the only way to reliev is in an upper fetal position rocking myself back and forth. A couple of nights ago, I felt nauseus in my sleep which woke me up, I had a temp, followed by diarrhea and 20 minutes later I was being sick, cramps in my tummy etc... not sure if this was a gallstone attack? as I was in too much pain to think of looking for jaundice, (at first I put it down to a bug) but my urine was looking bloody dark orange, and probably protein in it as was bubbly.. now I am worried that maybe my gallstone could have moved?

For me, I suffer with bloating, I can look real slim when I wake, soon as i have been up 30 mins and had a drink or breakfast, I look 7 months or more pregnant.. anyone else suffer with this?

I am at my wits end with all this weight gain for no reason and then goes back down. and the pains are getting unbearable.. at my wits end

I also suffered High cholestoral last year then all of a sudden it went back to normal.

By the way I am t-total and I quit smoking a year ago.

Thanks for any advice. :)

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i'd go back to the doctor if i was you. you seem to know enough about dark urine and protein being in it. which i know nothing about. i have had my gallbladder removed but the symptoms were not all the same especially the temperature. mine stayed up and did not go down as i had an infection in the bile duct, also i could not get rid of the pain by rocking i needed strong pain killers. i think its best to start with a liver function test as you dont need a scan as you aready know you have gallstones. i mean it could be a few things that come to mind. IBS. a tummy bug. gallstones?? with gallstones the pain is under the right rib and round about the should blades in the back.and stomach cramps and pain, that was what first alerted me. so go back to your gp and get that liver function can tell you a lot. all the very best. love grace xoxoxo


Hi, I have gawl bladder trouble and had to go to A&E twice . 3 + yrs bk I went to doc to find out why I had tightening around the ribs. But got no help kept being upset,and prescribed I cried more then changed GP.

Now I have a great doc who listens and I went for ultrasound and hayho found stones.i saw specialist,and then was told I had to loose weight I'm 12.5 stone and that's hard to do.she asked if I had jaundice or that time no.but 4 wks bk yes hence the A&E. Can't loose the weight.tryed now for4 wks and I get to see her in April.( My guess is she say no again.) And bk to drawing board.

I will let you know,and I hope you get help you need to .merry Christmas


I have had same pain for 20 years and only today been told have gallstones following a scan. My pain in intermittent, sometimes I have it 2/3 times in a fortnight and other times after 5/6 weeks. It has started to last much longer,15/16 hours and is becoming ever more intense. The frequency has increased over the years. My GPs should have had it checked several times over these years. But they all though it was excess acid. Science has not found cause of excess acid apart from stress. Gallbladder ought to help ease acid. If pain is linked to acid, removing gallbladder won't help but if it is related to gallstones hindering gallbladder function, removing it will surely help because liver learns to take over gallbladder function, so I am told by friends who have had it removed.

I'm going to try to control with diet to save me operation. I hope technology becomes available to remove gallstones from gallbladder rather removing it altogether. Otherwise will have no choice.

Please keep posting how your operation goes and life afterwards


I was diagnosed with a number of small stones in my gallbladder about 15 years ago. The radiographer told me during the scan that each time I moved so did the small stones. Since then I have had numerous and sometimes very severe gallbladder attacks. But I decided that I would not have my gallbladder removed much to the dismay of my gastroenterologist. I have been managing my condition through diet. That means all fatty foods such as cheese, chocolate , ice creams, cakes, biscuits, fried foods etc have been eliminated from my diet. I was also told to take apple cider vinegar in water when I feel an attack coming on. The apple cider vinegar has been a life saver and can stop an attack in it's tracks! All in all, these changes to my diet have meant that I only have an attack every few years now. And the attacks usually happen whenever I go off my healthy diet and eat something from the above list of foods.


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