Scar tissue issues?

Morning all. A silly question but I have quite a lot of abdominal scar tissue following a difficult total abdominal hysterectomy four years ago. Due to have my gallbladder out in four weeks so am wondering if that will affect my chances of having the op key hole?

This is such a minor problem compared to everyone else but thank you for any responses xx hope you're all well xx

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  • it shouldnt. as i have had a total hysterectomy and my gallbladder removed. although it did not get done the first time as there were problems but not because of scar tissue, my gallbladder had atrophied and stuck to my liver. its out now, but i had to have a big operation and get cut open because i was getting my bile duct recontructed. there was no problem on the first occasion when they did the first attempt to remove my gallbladder through keyhole. its not really a minor problem if it worries you so dont think that. a worry is a worry. it all went very well with me the first time although they did not removed the gallbladder but not because of any scar tissue so dont worry, all the very best to you. keep us posted on how you get on please. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi Grace. Thank you so much for your reply. Sounds like youve been through the mill! Hope you are good now. I'm just a bit anxious as was in hospital a few weeks ago with a gallbladder infection and the nurse tried injecting me in the stomach with Fragmin but couldn't get through the scar tissue so used the leg instead. My mind has been working overtime since then. Lol xxx

  • just to let you know when they do that keyhole surgery its directly beside (below) the belly button almost on it. its called a Laparoscopy . love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi Sarah. I had a total hysterectomy 8 years ago, and as you know I got my gallbladder taken out on Friday also have a very large scar from getting my appendix out, none of my scars affected my op don't worry you should be fine.

    Love Cheli xxxxxx

  • hi cheli good to see you here today. i hope all is well and that your red spots have cleared up. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi Grace. My red rash has cleared up and the large blisters have all burst just need to get then to heal now, I still get tired very quickly and the cut at my tummy button is still very sore, I don't know if this is normal, any advice would be grateful.

    Love Cheli xxxxx

  • thats good that the rash has cleared up cheli its good to hear from you tonight, it all depends on what the pain feels like. as i had a discomfort but not a pain it often felt as though it had just been cut and that was up to two months later. it wasnt there all the time but sometimes it would just feel like someone had just cut it and i go"oh' how does it look. is there any kind of crust or is there any weeping of any sort? i did have a laperoscopy the first time they went in to take out my gallbladder so i have the same scar and two round my side. and one up above my navel quite high up as i had a hernia which they fixed the first time round even although they didnt take out my gallbladder. if there is no weeping or any crust or anything coming from your scar then you can relax. as usually if there is any kind of bad pain there is infection. but you would see it. .let me know cheli as i will be thinking about you. yes have plenty rest. as after all its an organ that has been taken out. my other friend said it took her a month to really feel well and want to go walks and exercise. she is not of this forum she is on another forum. love grace xoxoxo💐

  • Hi Sarahppp I was in exactly this situation too. I had to sign for surgery to say if they hit problems they would proceed to do an open op ... It was very much my choice as I didn't want two anaesthetics ... But in the end everything was absolutely fine. I had keyhole surgery, stayed overnight then out the following morning. I had had very complicated multiple gynae operations previously over the years too. I'm sure you'll be fine and I wish you good luck and a good recovery. X

    Ps I should have said I have a vertical scar from the hysterectomy starting just below my navel and the small scar for the gall bladder removal is just above it.

  • hi jeannieb nice to meet you. hope your well. love grace xoxo

  • Hi grace111 Im not so bad thanks. Only joined this year and still finding my feet. It's good to hear all the other stories and shared experiences. Look after yourself. Jean X X

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