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soft drinks advice

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Hi all, just wondered what the best drinks are what people with cirrhosis drink as I read I should avoid artificial sweetners and looking at the back of my Robinsons fruit creations I thought I was doing good but it seems it’s full of things. Any ideas of what people drink would be appreciated 😊

32 Replies
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I wasn’t that picky (except for extremes)when I had it, just enjoyed edgy food/drink in moderation.

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When I was first diagnosed I had a lot of muscle wastage, so drank a lot of milk. I got a real liking for it. I’ve got a lot better since then and put on weight if I drink too much of it - so have tried a lot of other things. For a treat I like Belvoir Farm Ginger Beer. It isn’t cheap…(but alcohol was a lot more!) and it tastes delicious. It’s a bit high in calories/sugar for everyday use but free of loads of additives. The other thing I love is Asda Sparkling Orange. It’s zero sugar. Tastes delicious. I also love sparkling water, ice cold from the fridge with some sliced lemon. Really good for you and really nice too.

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I only drink coffee with no sweetener or sugar, or water. I do use skimmed milk (q drop) in my coffee and for protein drinks

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AnxiousPete in reply to Male47

How do you drink coffee with no water ?

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Male47 in reply to AnxiousPete

I only drink coffee obviously made with water or I drink water alone

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AnxiousPete in reply to Male47

Sorry my grammar error - I missed your comma :-) I wish I could drink black coffee but just find it unpalatable and bitter :-(

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Male47 in reply to AnxiousPete

No worries, I wasnt being funny.

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Sparkling water. The brand LaCroix is popular here. No sodium. The plain is good with a lemon wedge 😄

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I drink coconut water and coffee supposed to be good for liver. And grapefruit juice somtimes

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Bantam2 in reply to Kenzone62

I thought grapefruit juice was a no no as messes with anti- rejection drug? Thanks

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Kenzone62 in reply to Bantam2

Oh I not had a transplant so never been told not to drink grapefruit juice. Mainly coconut water I drink very occasionally grapefruit juice. I think to much advice on Google but unless I advice not to drink it. Every diagnosis is different for different cases and stages.

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Bantam2 in reply to Kenzone62

ah apologises

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Readlots in reply to Bantam2

You are right to flag it though, I’m on a short dose of budezonide and it says not to have grapefruit. I think it’s contra indicated in quite a few medications so worth checking

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Bantam2 in reply to Readlots

yes I’d check with consultant or pharmacist. I was told to avoid pre and post. Shame as I love grapefruit juice 🙄

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I've read that not all artificial sweeteners are the same nor necessarily bad for the liver. I have seen academic medical journal articles showing some benefits. I have read that the natural sweetener Stevia is quite safe but I am sure other people on the group may have other advice.

I currently have T2 diabetes so the dietary advice for this is contrary to that recommended for my cirrhosis so find it all very confusing to be honest.

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I buy sparkling drinks from Luscombe farm in Devon. You can see them online and buy and they are all organic without nasty sweeteners.

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strong hibiscus tea diluted with sparkling water and sweetened with monk's fruit powder

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Readlots in reply to Murffie68

oooh that sounds interesting…

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I think it maybe depends if you're diabetic or not. I have cirrhosis and as long as I obviously avoid booze then I've been fine. I also have Robinson's, Vimto etc. I do go with no added sugar or sugar free but only because hubby is Type 2 x

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at the pub i drink either orange or lime with soda or lime .sometimes i f ata restaurant i find a really tasy cocktail elderflower with mint etc is nice.At home i somtimes drink 0 alcohol stella or bitburger beer and no i am not tempted to drink alcoholic beer .so far i am 10 months off the alcohol. and hopefully will see the benefit after an mri at 12 months


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Haddles102 in reply to mozlaw

Hi Mozlaw. From what I've been told there is not such a thing as 0% alcohol, if it's less then 0.5% then they can call it 0% I mightbbe wrong tho

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mozlaw in reply to Haddles102

thats an old fashioned idea.they are truly o percent

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I've already had the transplant so my experience may come from a different place . Nothing with artificial sweeteners. If you want a sweet drink make sure it has real sugar/cane sugar. Nothing diet. No grapefruit or drinks with grapefruit in them. Protein drink when you can. Nothing unpasteurized (milk, orange juice and eggs) are available unpasteurized). This one is off subject. Eggs at least once a day for the albumin (a bad liver stops making albumin). The struggle is real but the reward is life.

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Water is best but for something different Dalston or Feel Good cans are natural but light or use cordials which use sugar, or look for stevia as a sweetner thats the only good one really apart from maybe xylitol and erythritol.

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I drink a very light carbonated drink with very little additives once in a while. Aside from that I only drink a lot of water, fresh brewed sencha green tea, med roast coffee with unsweetened almond milk. No sugar in any of it. Since our stomachs are sensitive dark roast coffee and med roast are less acidic. I do let myself enjoy a very small chocolate snack once in a while. That’s just me though. As Aotea noted depending on what you got going on will depend what’s best for you.


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Before I had ascites I drank a lot of water, when I got ascites I kept having to balance between water and dairy or alternatives to meet the demand for protein 120 to 160g and watch my sodium intake. So milk, protein drinks without any artificial stuff in them and fortisips, since transplant my main focus is water again, system clogs up unless I drink enough water. No alcohol even if your cirrhosis was non alcoholic fatty liver disease, no soft drinks with artificial sweeteners, steer clear of sugars, as you will have discovered reading the labels, just about everything has something in it, even bottled water you need to check the ph level of the water. Even spending time in the hospital you get served a lot of food and drink with stuff you shouldn't eat or drink 😀

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Total coffee addict. I was so pleased when I learnt it was good for your liver. I should drink more water though..,

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pushthrough in reply to Readlots

I second the coffee bit! 😆

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Greengal314 in reply to pushthrough

love my dark roast too!!!

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when my partner went for transplant assessment he was told that there isn’t much we can put into our bodies in moderation that will actually cause harm to the liver, salt and alcohol being the exception. So we don’t over think it and try and balance healthy choices (he has a hot cup of fresh lemon water and a glass of unsweetened cranberry each morning) with treats (much needed after already having given up so much). His favourite being lemon san peligrino

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Hi I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis 3 years ago and I drink sugar free squash all the time aswell as coke zero. There's not much alternative if you don't like plain water and can't have booze. I've not heard you have to avoid artificial sweetners and to be honest with very low salt, extra protein, 5 a day veg/fruit and oily fish twice a week plus dieting and avoiding all junk food I'm not going to punish myself further by not having squash x

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