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new comer

hello,my name is virginia and I'm new to this site.I have cirrhosis and hep-C.I was diagnosed in2007 after going to the emergency.My boyfriend found me passed out in a pool of blood and not breathing(at the time,we were not boy friend and girlfriend)he saved my life.I woke up in the hospital from an induced coma and I weighed 60 pounds.I had a pressure ulcer on my tail bone that opened up and was necrotic.I was close to death.I was in the hospital from may5th to september.I also could not walk so I had to have reabilitation for that and also,my pressure ulcer had started bleeding and wouldn't stop so they had to stop the bleeding and give me two pints of blood.They drained nine two liter bottles of liquid out of me as well because I kept bloating.I got a second chance at life.

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You have been through an awful lot, but you seem to be seeing light at the end of the tunnel, so glad you have a loving caring partner, hope all goes well for you, you must stay positive.

How are you feeling now? Has your stomach gone down? Is it due to alcohol?

I feel so sorry for those with liver problems when they don't even drink, it seems so unfair.

You will get lots of help on here, they are all a caring lot, very knowledgeable, any not biased at all.

I follow quite a few forums, this one I follow because I have had a problem with alcohol for 20years plus, it is a Demon that has ruined my life and those around me.

Keep us informed of how you are doing, good luck, take it easy and keep your chin up 💛


Hello and thank you for your comment on my post.I's been nine years now and I still don't drink.My stomach is still down because I don't drink alcohol or any thing that contains alcohol also I stay on a low sodium diet and take milk thistle extract,omega3,liver detox&regenerator,magnesium malate&B-complex in liquid form the rest of the vitamins are in capsules.Oh and of course I drink Kangen water with Braggs apple cider vinegar mixed in every day.My newest thing is beetroot juice.I had no idea how good beets arefor your liver.You should try them.I hope you can stop that demon alcohol because thats what it is.talk to you soon and stay positive


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