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fibroscan results 12.2

hello all, my husband has had a fibroscan, 6 years after liver cirrhosis was first diagnosed, he has fatty liver and cirrhosis , the scan level result was 12.2, has anyone had that scan and what does 12.2 mean, doctor said 18.2 would not be good, but 12.2 was alright in relation too ALD. Any thoughts?

He is also taking Whey powder, any one else use that and found it helps reduce muscle pain.

Thanks for any advice.

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hi there, as long as your husband is not drinking alcohol it's not too bad a result. A few people have posted here that with a clean lifestyle-good diet etc. then these figures can come down.

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please read my artical im giles111 and sure it can help you


Around 7kpa or below indicates a normal liver, so at 12.2 there is room for improvement. ALD/fatty liver is very much a 'self help' situation, so the longer he stays clear of alcohol and improves his diet and exercise regimes the better chance his liver has of some TLC.

I had liver cancer with a 12.3 kPa, so nothing is "textbook", the fibroscan is just one test among many to assess liver damage/ health.


I agree with Bolly that the Fibroscan alone does not always tell the whole story. Had my first one done a few months ago. Showed I had stage 4 liver disease. Ended going through several weeks of heartbreak and my doc ended up sending me to a surgeon who performed a laporoscopy so they could visualize my liver. They spoke to my husband while I was in recovery and although I was free of fibrosis and inflammation but no cirrhosis. A few days later biopsies confirmed the surgeons assessment. I was very upset thinking that if I took this Fibroscan at face value I might have been placed on strong medicine that ultimately might have damaged my liver further. Asked my doc about the inaccuracies of the test and he said that all the articles he has read are all stating the test is so accurate at diagnosing liver damage that it may replace biopsies as the cornerstone of treatment


Dear NHA that is wonderful news it far out shadows ant inconvenience you went through


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