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Help Interpreting Please

Help Interpreting Please

Can someone help me with interpreting these my doctor is not the best and I'm worried.

I had these done over a year ago and they said they were high and they don't know why. Over a year later they have risen futher. My doctor has said they don't know why.


Serum total bilirubin level

28 umol/L.

Reference: 5.00 - 26.00umol/L.


Serum ALT level

129 iu/L.

Reference: <55.00iu/L.


Serum albumin

78 g/L.

Reference: 30 - 45g/L.


Please I dont know what it means and im worried. Help me interpret and decide what next.

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It looks like Serum albumin is 52? Still high, but better than 78.

I would ask to see a liver specialist. Since the numbers have been high for a long time, further testing is needed to see what is going on with your liver. In my opinion, it is unacceptable for a doctor to say that your numbers are high and they don't know why. Your doctor needs to get up off his butt and find out why or at least refer you to someone who is competent, like a liver specialist.

The most likely suspect is fatty liver disease, which they should see right away with a simple ultrasound imaging. But, a thorough investigation should be conducted to rule out any other causes.

I had a similar situation where my ALT was high for 2 years. The GP kept saying, its probably nothing, just focus on diet and exercise, and he would brush me off. I tried and tried to eat right, but I kept getting worse. I switched doctors and they actually did further testing. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and PBC. Both are managed now and I am in much better health. I am so grateful that I was able to get the additional testing.

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You need to speak to another Dr, you won't be able to an accurate diagnosis on blood tests only, they can indicate but also can the levels, my bilirubin used to go up and done a few points, I was told this was normal by a consultant heptologist.

You bilirubin is out side the normal range, but to me not enough to worry, I'd be over the moon if mine was 28!

I hope you can get a better 2nd opinion or referral.


Do you live in the UK? It is unacceptable that your GP has not referred you to a hepatologist for further investigation. The numbers are elevated, but not extremely so. Have you been tested for all strains of hepatitis?

I think you must go back to your GP and demand a referral or at the very least a second opinion.

I imagine you must be worried. My heart goes out to you. I think your GP is shockingly unprofessional and just downright lazy. Please don't be too distressed. You just need to assert your rights. I think a referral to a hepatologist would be a good place to start.

Wishing you all the best and a speedy resolution to this confusion.



i know atl but that is for alt cirrhosis giles 111


What do you mean?


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