Anyone had a 2nd transplant?

Hi all,

My wife is just about to be listed for her second liver transplant. She's had many treatments to reverse the rejection but none seem to have worked - in addition she's had multiple CMV infections, sepsis (not helped by being very immunosupressed....), and acute kidney injury. She is about 18 months after her first that was an urgent transplant for seronegative acute liver failure - so we don't have any experience of being on the waiting list.

Has anyone here had 2 transplants, is recovery more complicated?

Many thanks,


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  • I hope someone will reply. I'm so sorry you have to be reliving this nightmare but praying that the second transplant will work new miracles for your wife!

  • I know someone in US who is on her third and doing very well.

  • Dear Tom,

    My husband had to have a 2nd transplant...

    He has had a few more major surgeries since and is awaiting a hernia operation...

    I have posted quite a lot about it all - do ask any questions if you would like to...


  • X19Dave is posting about his wifes' 2nd transplant. He may be able to help you.

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