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Hi, posted 2 weeks ago about being taken into hospital as my stomach had gone rock hard and it turned out not to be ascities but 4 litres of urine had backflowed up into my abdo. I am a cirhossis sufferer. The same happened last night, but thanks to a kind out of hours doctor and my next door neighbour being a chaperone I had 3 litres of urine drained by catheter and he has left me with a bag attached to my leg for the night. He and next door saved me having an ambulance and a stay in hospital. Again, he automatically thought ascities until I told him I have just had the same experience 2 weeks ago and I have just had a doppler scan, and that there was no abdo fluid detected. Has anyone else suffered with this bladder retention problem. I take duiretics but can go days without wanting to pass urine. I was told its dangerous when the urine goes upwards as it can damage your kidneys. Thanks for listening as I am getting tired of this happening, Draining as we speak - too much information!


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  • Thats terrible; i havnt got a clue whats going on re this; nice neighbour and doctor; are you seeing a urologist?

  • No not too much information, more like you poor thing, sounds like hell. I have never heard of that so can't help except to say I had 5 years of sheer torture before I got a liver transplant and it sounds to me like you need one. Have you tried to get on the list?

  • While you wait for your urologist appt it might be worth contacting same GP whenever you have not passed urine for, say 4-6 hours as most people probably go at least 4 times a day. It is possible to be taught to self catheterise. I would not wait "days" of not wanting to pass urine because of the kidney damage risk.

  • Hi Bolly, thank you for your message. The district nurse told me when she came today that a continence nurse is going to come and see me and teach me to self catheterise. I hope the urology referral comes quicker.

    Take Care

    julie x

  • Hope the GP is sorting you an urgent referral with the Urologogist. You probably need to see a Nephrologist too. (Kidney Specialist). I don't suffer with the symptoms you have, but have undergone appointments with both, as I have blood and protein in my urine. Basically, the Specialist feel it is all connected to my liver and are monitoring me 6 monthly. All the best to you. And fingers crossed for a speedy appointment

  • Thank you for your message. District nurse came today and sorted out the correct bag and an overnight one and from tomorrow with the new bag Ive got I will be able to dress and go out if I want. I hope the urology referral doesnt take too long as I cannot continue like this. Im just so grateful to the out of hours GP who saved me a long journey to hospital and taking up a bed. Feel a bit sorry for myself today but much more comfortable.

    Best wishes


  • Which diuretic are you taking? I believe a side effect of Furosemide is an inability to pass urine, although I think you still want to go. I hope it all improves.

  • Hi, I take furosimide 40mg and spironolactane 50mg and have been on them for 5 years. I stopped taking spironolactane for a week and didnt have any problems apart from fluid building up on my chest so started them again.

    Perhaps a diuretic review is needed. I can only wait to see what the urologist says when I get an appointment.

    Thanks for message


  • Hi, I am thankful to know this could happen to me. I will be careful and not assume some of my fluid is only about ascites. I do urinate plenty and I cannot take diuretics as I have low serum sodium. I often wonder how my kidneys are holding up. Its astonishing the problems we deal with in the progression of this disease. Aloha

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