Hi all , I had a liver fuction blood test done along with other blood tests , I have GD , any way I am told its nothing to worry about , and that my liver fuction is fine , but gamma test is saying i drink , I have never drank booze , so dortor says ' oh well i will egnore that test , the test is so sentive it picks up every thing . I dont no readings as i am confused but it is true that the tests are very senitive

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  • GGT is not jut an indicator of alcohol-it can be fatty liver or problems with gall stones-what is the level?

  • my level is 62 range 14- 40

  • thats nothing to worry about...#

  • What is GD? Despite that, as briccolone says, your GGT is quite low even though slightly outside normal.

  • it can b ur diet salt an sugar ur ggt is nothing to worry about

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