Blood in stools?

This past week I've noticed after I've been to the toilet the water is dark red/pink. I've been ignoring it as I thought it was due to me drinking lots of beetroot juice. However it was the same this morning and I'd had no juice yesterday. Could it still be beetroot in my system? If not do I go to A&E or my GP? I suffer with varacies and had a massive bleed a few years ago. I'm quite concerned for my health. 

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  • i drink beetroot juice and get this even a day or so after drinking the juice however i would definitely check this out immediately as you have had  a massive bleed a few years ago and i would not take any chances. at least telephone them and see what they have to say they might check on you by telephone every hour at the very least or they might tell  you to come up immediatley. the thing is it is only when you urinate that you have the redness or is it there if you even wipe yourself with tissue. dont take any chances. 

  • Hi.

    If it was me and given your history of a bleed and varices, I would seek help as soon as. Sorry that I don't have a wealth of medical knowledge.

    Take care


  • if your in the uk telephone the out of hours hosptal service if your not in the uk do what you would normaly do. if your doctor surgery is open i would call for advice if not telephone the,

  • Thanks. I'm in the UK. I think I'll wait until I have my next bowel movement and see how it looks. I feel OK so I'm hoping it's the beetroot juice. If it's the same in the morning I'll get a sample and see the doctor ASAP. 

  • how are you today acjb007 im hoping that things have gone back to normal for you. lot of us are concerned and hope all is well.

  • i'd say time for an endoscopy..... don't take chances of a bleed... something is leaking somewhere

  • If it's just in the urine I wouldn't be so concerned it's prob remains of beetroot. But if it's in any stools or stools are sludgy (like diarrhoea)) but don't smell and you have a dodgy tummy- because the stomach doesn't like the blood in it, I'd def get it checked ASAP but if not give it as you said another couple of bowel movements. Fingers crossed. 😃

  • Internal hemorrhoids can cause this as well, it happens to me occasionally and is fairly common. Have you had any constipation, and/or hemorrhoids in the past? I think you're referring to blood in your stool, not urine, correct? If you've had varices, you may also be more predisposed to hemorrhoids. With your history however, better to err on the side of caution and report it promptly. Best of luck. 

  • I did exactly that once. I forgot I'd been eating roasted beetroot and ended up in A & E. It took a uncomfortable investigation to determine that there was nothing bleeding and I realised what the problem actually was.

    However I went home knowing I was ok so it was worth the trip. It is one of the things to look out for, however I believe a burst varices  is likely to produce dark tarry stools.

  • You'll be pleased to know my stools were normal this morning. ...phew! What a horrible experience. I've had beetroot today to see if it's back to the red/pink colour tomorrow. Maybe there should be a health warning on the label as I thought most food passes through you and comes out poop colour. Thanks for all your help and advice. 

  • yes we are glad to hear all is well. iv been thinking about you last night and this morning and waiting for a get back on the beetroot as its good for you. 💐🙏

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