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Recovery from Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) of an HCC tumour

Do any of you have have experience in the recovery from Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) of a HCC tumour? The doctors don't want to talk about the side effects and complications but I think it must be more difficult than a biopsy. I am expecting at least a difficult 2 weeks. I usually get a lot of pain after a biopsy or banding.  The other main side effects are listed as raised temperature and bleeding.   My platelets are in the range 35 to 60 put they are not guaranteeing to give my a transfusion unless they are lower than 50.  This part is concerning me.

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I had RFA last year on a couple of liver lesions. Recovery was a lot harder than I was expecting. The actual RFA took about 4 hours which I was under GA for. 

I had a fair amount of pain afterwards and a temperature for a couple of weeks.

I didn't have any bleeding but my next scan showed internal bruising near my ribs which apparently is what caused all the pain.  

My experience isn't common though as most people who I spoke to had no problems after their ablations. 

Good luck and I hope all goes well :) 

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Sorry to hear of your tough time with two lesions.  I am only having one treated this time so I hope the RFA is not too long.   How much time did they keep you in hospital with a temperature?   I am a little concerned of being discharged early as I live on my own.


I only stayed one night. The temperature came and went for  a couple of weeks. 

I had a course of antibiotics and that seemed to help. 

its actually not that bad and most people get through it fine. 


Thanks for your help.


You're welcome. Hope it goes well :) 

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