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Tenofivir Tablet

Hi I'm just wanting a bit advice , I'm a hep b carrier, I'm now getting put on this tablet for the rest of my life in a month , my virus had risen double as I had 4 close family bereavements last year, I was under terrible stress, now thank god the virus has halved from 1200 something it had doubled now 600 so I'm getting this tablet to keep the virus from destroying my liver as I've been told I now have chronic liver disease , I'm not a drinker now for 5 years not a big drinker either and I've not smoked for about 17 years , can anyone give me advice on this tablet I will be glad to be able to stop my liver getting damaged my liver is fatty, and my pancreas and my gall bladder has polyps, and this has just appeared on my gall bladder with my last scan a few weeks ago is there any advice, I exercise and watch my diet as I'm riddled with arthritis, due to psoriasis thank you xxxxxx

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This drug is pretty amazing, but you will need to take it everyday, do not miss a day as virus may develop resistance. This is extremely important.

Another thing is it may cause calcium deficiency, so watch out your bone density and do outdoor exercise as much as you can. 

I was told at some point, one hepatitis B cure will be available, well, the consultant said within my life time, so we may all live to see the day we don't need to take a blue tablet every day. 


Thank you for giving advice, I'm just a bit scared but I'd rather take the tablet than die, the liver seems to be stress related as well, because my virus rose before when my mother died that's how they first found out I had it, in 1982, I gave a pint of blood, and it came back with abnormalities but my stupid doctors didn't refer me to a liver specialist until the 90s I'm very angry about the way I've been treated over this, and I was told nothing about what it was I had all I was told was it was an Australian antigen not told it had to do with my liver I'm angry about this now, GPS,  are so stupid at times, but thankfully now the treatment will work no thanks to my GPS,  ridiculous eh, I'm riddled with arthritis, so I will keep an eye on this, I had a hysterectomy a few years ago so I watch for osteoporosis. Thank you for you're advice xxxxxxxx


The biggest challenge I have faced since I started taking Tenofovir after the diagnose was not from my weak liver, but emotional burdens - stress, anxiety, denial and sometimes anger. It came as a total shock and I also lost my father to cancer few months after the diagnose, which did not help me at all as I could not share my bad situation with my parents then and probably prolonged the process of supressing the viral load due to stress, it took nearly a year to achieve non-detectable status. 

Don't worry too much, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. and do take care of your emotional side and learn to accept the situation. Let us know how you get on.


Hi Rachel. I too am a Hep B carrier with chronic Hep B for around 35-40 years.  I only started on Tenofovir about 5 or 6 years ago, as up until then nobody was monitoring my viral load.

The aim with the Tenofovir is for it to reduce your viral load to undetectable.  The docs should check your HBV DNA on a regular basis for that.  Just like us humans the virus has a DNA and if its detectable in the blood then potentially the virus is replicating.  Hopefully now your virus is undetectable.  However..... it is still THERE.  In your blood, in your liver cells, but now hopefully at a very very low level that will not inflame or damage your liver any more.

This does not mean you are cured.  There is no cure for Hep B.  But dont worry, as long as you take the Tenofovir every day for the rest of your life you should be ok.  Just like a diabetic has to take meds every day, or someone with cystic fibrosis has to take meds every day.  We can continue to do normal things while the meds do their stuff.

I would advise, though, to give your liver as much TLC from now on (that's tender loving care') as possible.  No drinking alcohol, it will just inflame your liver again.  No smoking, well done giving up.  Try and reduce the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fats in your diet.  Try to eat fresh not convenience foods as much as possible.  Keep to a good BMI bodyweight, and exercise.

Attend all your clinic appointments, get bloods done regularly.  Ask the docs to keep an eye on your kidney function (thats the eGFR and creatinine and U&E blood tests) as the Tenofovir can affect them slightly.  Also you may be advised to take a Vit D3 and calcium supplement, something like Adcal or calcichew, as the Tenofovir can affect calcium, potassium and magnesium levels a little over time.

Be careful with blood spills, dont share toothbrush, razor etc.  Its recommended to get your nearest and dearest vaccinated against Hep B and then they are fully protected against any blood spill accidents.

Apart from that, enjoy life ... and take that pill every day.  If you dont, the virus can become resistant to it and then you are in trouble.

Good luck.

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