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PHG - Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy

A little knowledge if anyone can help. I have cirrhosis, portal hypertension, varices of which numerous have been banded. I have haemorrhaged on several occasions, and also had several blood tansfusions, along with other complications.

Today I went for a routine Endoscopy, they have banded another two large varices, but also detected PHG in my stomach. I am not familiar with this, they want me to return to endoscopy in 8 weeks, not sure why, maybe just to check bandings. I am already on Propranolol, beta blocker, which I have read will help. What does this new condition mean to me and are there any other treatments? 

Many thanks for any advice or knowledge that you can offer me. Xx

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Are you on omeprazole?  In my husband's case the only thing that portal hypertensive gastropathy has meant to him was issue with certain acidic and citrus foods, before he started on omeprazole he would get horrendous heart burn type symptoms which was so painful he'd be bent double and in pain - he'd pace the floor because nothing he did and no position he got into eased the pain.

Since starting on omeprazole and taking care to avoid the foods he know cause this symptom he hasn't had an episode with the stomach pain.



Hi Katie, yes been on Omeprazole for a long time. Maybe it is nothing to be concerned about. My main worry was that my condition might suddenly be getting worse as recently gone Jaundice again and skin isbleeding from itching .... Now this.  Hopefully it is nothing to concern myself with, I seem fine with eating x


I went in for gastro they found  i had varices but also that i had multiple ulcers and gastropathy.

Since then ive had ranitidine to heal the ulcers which im now still taking.i do get acid symptoms but hopefully the ulcers havent come  back.

Are you awaiting transplant or are bloods still okay?best wishes cazer.


Forgot to say  also on betablockers but carvedeliol as didnt get on with propanalol.cazer


Hi Cazer, many thanks for your reply. I am borderline for transplant list as bloods keep going from poor to ok. Also had stomach ulcer in the past and thankfully no longer suffer with the acid. Varices bursting is the hospitals main concern as the blood loss is normally huge, which is very frightening. This new discovery Gastropathy was something I knew nothing about so obviously am curious.

I do hope things are settled for you and that you have a relaxing weekend, many thanks again xx


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